Bi Lions, Gay Penguins & Queer Giraffes, Oh My! NBC's 'Queer Planet' Doc is Pretty Gay

June 14th, 2024 4:49 AM

Queer Planet’s spin on mother nature will most likely throw you for a loop after you realize everything you thought you knew about mother nature is wrong.

All living things are queer according to Queer Planet, which was released on NBC’s streaming platform Peacock on June 6, during “Pride Month.”   

Yes, lions and penguins can have bromances. Shrubbery is not only queer, but also promiscuous. Some primates are pansexual, mushrooms are multi-gendered and there are fish that can change sex, according to the documentary.

Clownfish also are apparently transgender and incestuous, including the fictional character ‘Nemo’ from Finding Nemo.

Bradley Trevor Greive, [author and naturalist]: So in the movie, where Nemo’s mother was unfortunately killed, —what would have actually happen, is his father would then become his new mother.

Narrator: They physically change sex, genitals and all.

Bradley Trevor Greive, [author and naturalist]: His father would change gender and become the dominate female in the group, and Nemo would become a suitor to his new mom. It’s awkward.

The ‘experts’ featured in the film try to make the case that all aspects of the ‘LGBTQ’ agenda are natural and normal for humans, as it can be found in nature.

“Normal doesn’t exist anywhere, especially not in nature, and it doesn’t even exist among people,” explained Dr. Christine Wilkinson.

They even go after the father of evolution, Charles Darwin, for dismissing queerness in his writings about sexual selection and evolution.

Apparently, it’s his fault that people today ‘cling' to the idea that it’s not natural for nature to be queer.

Antonia Forster, [biologist]: Darwin was an incredible revolutionary mind of his time, but he was of his time. And queerness at that time, isn’t something people were talking about.

Narrator: So for the most part, he didn’t. Which left a troubled legacy.

Dr. Ross Brooks, [science historian]: Today we talk about living in the closet. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to say that Darwin’s writings, and much of his science was kept in the closet. Darwin imbued his text with the gender stereotypes of his age.

"Queer sex is so omnipresent, so universal in every stratum of life on earth that it’s absolutely clear that this is always what natured intended,” said author and naturalist Bradley Trevor Greive. 

Never mind the fact that there are animals that eat their own, monkeys who throw poop when threatened and animals who clean themselves through licking, among many other intriguing behaviors.

Some of the other shocking animal kingdom behavior highlighted in the film include dolphins that use eels & fish heads to masturbate with, a fungus with 23,000 sexes, ‘super queer’ giraffes and homosexual behavior among big horn sheep. 

Various scientists have many theories for the types of behaviors covered in the film, which include assertion of dominance, stress, mistaken identity, etc.

No matter what some animals and plants may be up to on this planet, it’s a huge stretch to equate these examples to human life. We are much more complicated and complex, as humans are made in the image of God.