NBC’s ‘Chicago Med’ Features ‘Racist White Male’ Who Takes Issue with Migrants Receiving ‘Preferential Treatment’

January 26th, 2024 1:58 AM

NBC's medical drama Chicago Med is back on the air with the program’s ninth season, and apparently the writers learned nothing from their hiatus and are still inserting elements of the liberal agenda into their shows. 

On Wednesday’s episode, “This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both of Us,” one of the show’s storylines downplayed the impact illegal immigration has on communities by featuring a ‘violent, racist white male’ character who takes issue with the appearance of preferential treatment toward migrants in the hospital over his wife who had been injured in a car accident.

In a nutshell, "white male" Wade Martin brings his wife to the hospital after they got into a car accident. He was driving and didn’t sustain any injuries. The storyline suggests that he ran into an illegal immigrant with his vehicle on purpose.

That same illegal immigrant, Luis, arrives at the hospital for treatment as well.

Later in the show, a doctor treating Luis notices that he has a separate issue from the injury that occurred during the car accident. That is, he has a rash on his leg and is diagnosed with ‘typhus,’ which can be caused by flea bites.

Dr. Zola Ahmad (Sophia Ali) suspects that the local shelter where the migrants are being housed might have an outbreak, which eventually leads her to bringing a van load of migrants to the hospital for a checkup.

Martin is frustrated with the hospital for taking too long to do his wife’s MRI scan. He then completely loses it when he notices the hospital staff attempting to move his wife out of her hospital room to make way for the migrants.

He confronts them about it and goes into a rant about how the migrants are getting preferential treatment over Americans, which eventually leads to him getting into a heated scuffle with the doctors. 

Mr. Martin: Wait, why are you moving my wife? 

Nurse: Sir, please, it's just temporary. 

Dr. Crockett Marcel: Hey, Mr. Martin. You okay?

Mr. Martin: What's going on? Did you two authorize this?

Dr. Ahmad: Mr. Martin, my apologies. It appears we're momentarily----

Mr. Martin: You think I don't see what's going on, but you're giving all the rooms to them. - Hold on now. - Same thing happened at my kid's school. They commandeered her gym for a shelter. 

Dr. Crockett Marcel: Look, Wade, I assure you we have enough resources to take care of everyone. -

Mr. Martin: No, we don't. People keep saying that, but we just don't, okay? The whole volleyball season got canceled, and my daughter needed that for her scholarship. And now my wife, she's obviously not receiving your full attention. How come nobody's looking out for us? 

Dr. Crockett Marcel: I understand that this is an inconvenience, but we do need to free up this room. Okay, go ahead.

Mr. Martin: No, get away from her! -

Dr. Ahmad: Mr. Martin, please. -

Mr. Martin: Stop handling me! - Wait! Hey! - No! -

Dr. Crockett Marcel: Hey, hey. Calm down! -

Mr. Martin: No! No! Get away from me! Get off of me! -

Security Guard: Calm down, Mr. Martin! - Let's go. -

Mr. Martin: Get off of me! Get off of me! No! No! -

Dr. Crockett Marcel: You all right? -

Dr. Ahmad: Yeah, I'm fine. I'll go get that blood draw started. 

It’s clear Hollywood writers love to produce sympathetic plots when it comes to people living in the U.S. illegally.

And if you're frustrated by the millions of people pouring over the border, then you're the problem in the eyes of Tinseltown 'progressives.'

The reality is, border crossings by migrant families have hit record highs, and the influx of migrants is creating chaos in communities across the country.

For example, a Denver, Colorado hospital system says it’s ‘at a critical point’ due to the flood of migrants and uncompensated medical care costs. It’s so bad, the hospital is having to turn away people who are in need of care.