‘Traitors’: Hollywood Actors Want to Indict Trump and Administration

December 8th, 2020 2:15 PM

The website for the Trump Accountability Project may have been closed down (though an LGBTQ version exists on glaad.org), but the desire for revenge still lingers in the air. Just look at Twitter. 

Left-wing actors and celebrities John Leguizamo, Mark Ruffalo, Bradley Whitford, Patricia Arquette, Bette Midler and John Cusack tweeted or endorsed tweets claiming that President Donald Trump, several Republicans, and members of his administration should be punished for the COVID-19 deaths and sedition.

Yes, you heard that right.  

Actor John Leguizamo, who appeared in Casualties of War, retweeted a post on December 6 from lefty activist Amy Siskind’s Twitter account, where she called on Congress to investigate Alex Azar, Scott Atlas, and Jared Kushner because they “must be held accountable for their part of this negligent indifference toward losing hundreds of thousands of lives.” Leguizamo himself wrote “Preach!” in the tweet.



We’re in America, Leguizamo, not in Nazi Germany or the U.S.S.R. You can’t just punish people because you dislike them. Then again, Leguizamo is a self-proclaimed communist who disapproves of diversity among Latinos and gets turned on by his anger at Trump. Weirdos like that can’t be expected to understand reason.

Actor Mark Ruffalo, who plays the Hulk in Marvel Cinematic Universe films, retweeted another post by Amy Siskind on December 5, where she encouraged people to “take names” and “charge them with sedition!” She was referring to Republicans who wanted to contest Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential election win. Ruffalo’s response to Siskind’s dramatic post? “Exactly!”



Yeah, it’s definitely sedition to speak out against someone who isn’t even in office yet. Ruffalo is too foolish to realize that he’s just endorsed a dumb feminist raging on Twitter. 

To be fair to Ruffalo, he’s not the only airhead who thinks Republicans are a seditious lot. Actor Bradley Whitford, who appeared in Get Out, tweeted on December 7, “The @GOP is enthusiastically executing Vladimir Putin’s agenda of undermining democracy while gleefully exacerbating the greatest mass casualty event on American soil since the pandemic of 1918. They are traitors.” 



Logical. Contesting an election where leftist news media deliberately fooled Americans into voting for Biden is definitely a Russian plot. And Trump must really want to exacerbate the pandemic for his government to buy 600 million doses of COVID vaccines.

However, this government transaction was lost on Patricia Arquette, who acted in NBC’s Medium, and tweeted on December 6, “If you are one of the Georgia Republicans and Independents who voted against Trump, if you want a Senate to hold him accountable you must vote for @ReverendWarnock and @ossoff”



These poor Georgians must be sick to death of the constant reminders from Twitter’s woke mob to vote Democrat. And what is there to hold Trump accountable for, aside from denying leftists the joy of seeing a Hilary Clinton victory in the 2016 presidential election? The whole “Trump is responsible for every COVID death in America” is just a trumped-up charge (no pun intended). 

Not like Bette Midler cares. The singer tweeted on December 6, “Honestly?  Both Rudy G and Donald T should be charged with murder.”



Meanwhile, every pro-abortion Democrat should be left off scot free? Get your act together, Midler.

Finally, the ever outspoken John Cusack believed that both Trump and his entire administration should be charged. He tweeted on December 6, “Honestly can’t fathom how any rational person could  debate absolute duty & necessity  to hold Trump  crime  syndicate accountable - with zero deterrent why should anyone follow any law ? & when did it become optional to enforce law ? It must be done or flood gates stay open.”



Winning isn’t enough for the left. They want vengeance.