Liberals Threaten 'American Spring' If Trump Signs Religious Freedom Executive Order

Prepare for a major uprising.

Early this week, The Nation’s Sarah Posner published a leaked copy of a draft executive order “establishing a government-wide initiative to respect religious freedom.” Some liberals are planning an insurrection if it gets enforced.

“If Trump signs a ‘religious freedom’ executive order, this country will EXPLODE,” Huff Post Queer Executive Editor Noah Michelson tweeted. “That’s not a threat, it’s a PROMISE. Get yourselves ready.”

Linking to an article about the proposed order, Star Trek actor George Takei threatened: “If Trump signs this, prepare for an #AmericanSpring the likes of which the nation has never seen.”

Later, he criticized the Trump administration’s “threats” to the LGBT community. “You want to see us #OccupyDC? Because we WILL,” he darkly hinted.

The ACLU was blunt in its response to the news. Linking to a Vice video which speculated over the executive order, the progressive legal group tweeted: “If he does [sign it], we will sue.”

After all, as Washington Post opinion writer Catherine Rampell posited, Christians would bring a form of “sharia law” to America through such an order. 

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