MRC’s Katie Yoder Encourages Liberal Media to Leave ‘Bubbles’ And Reconnect

The liberal media’s handling of the election and Christmas revealed much about its disconnect with the average American. But MRC Culture’s Katie Yoder has some tips to help journalists reengage in 2017. 

On January 5, Yoder went on air to discuss her op-ed: “5 New Year’s resolutions for our out-of-touch media.”  Breaking it down for Christian Broadcasting Network’s Mark Martin, Yoder counseled reporters to not only observe and write about life, but to participate in it too.

Yoder began with the media’s “disastrous” handling of the election. “There was far more coverage of president-elect Donald Trump, but 91 percent of it was negative in comparison to Hillary Clinton,” Yoder told Martin. This simply uncovered the networks’ left-leaning bias and ignorance of the struggles of the average American.

Bias was also reflected in the media’s coverage of Christmas. “The Washington Post, The Daily Beast were attacking… the Virgin Mary,” Yoder explained, “whereas polls are showing that Americans prefer Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays. But the media didn’t say anything about that.”

Although the disconnect will not be easily overcome, Yoder recommends five helpful resolutions for journalists to adopt this New Year. They are reprinted here:

1. Go home (and not just for the holidays). Set aside time for family and friends -- people who remind us of who we are and who we want to be.

2. Know your neighbors. Listen to what they care about, and share your thoughts with them.

3. Attend church or another house of worship. Sit in a pew, listen to a sermon, understand Americans who cite a creed above politics and agendas.

4. Absorb beauty. Read a book, visit an art gallery, climb a mountain top.

5. Give to others. Not just money. Send a letter of thanks to a soldier or a note of encouragement to a prisoner.

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