Potty Propaganda: Transgender Bathroom Song Targets Kids

September 1st, 2016 2:50 PM

Mr. Loops, a New York based children’s entertainer, is trying to teach kids about acceptance through current events. In other words, he’s singing potty propaganda.

In a new, catchy music video, Mr. Loops, his wife and animal puppets dance in front of bathroom stalls, teaching kids that “pee is pee, poo is poo, me is me and you is you.” According to LGBTQ Nation contributor Jeff Taylor, the song “explains bathrooms and bigots in the best possible way.”

“No matter your gender, we gotta remember, it all comes out the same in the end. Everyone needs a place, to go where they feel safe,” croons Mr. Loops, his wife smiling by his side. “We gotta respect each other.”

Apparently, the irony of safety and respect are lost on the clownish couple. In a time where media coverage of sexual assault is so high, the logical disconnect is mindboggling. 

“Portapotties are a potty everybody shares, so are potties inside our houses, and nobody cares,” the song continues. “All we gotta do is use our common sense and then, we can solve our problems while remaining friends.”

A couple of problems here. Portapotties and domestic bathrooms have always been solo. Always. No one takes issue with individual gender neutral bathrooms.

Second, to what end does Mr. Loops’ common sense take him? He certainly doesn’t articulate it here, but one thing is clear. Mr. Loops isn’t a fool. Catchy beats and dancing animals are a great way to brainwash children. “I imagined kids and families singing [the song] and laughing,” he explained to Taylor, “all the while instilling a sense of acceptance and awareness to this ‘issue.’” 

We should certainly teach our children to be polite to others and respectful of those who are different, but this should not come at the cost of endangering our kids.