Gay Love Awakens? Fusion Says Star Wars’ Finn and Poe Should Be a Couple

According to Fusion writer Charles Pulliam-Moore, there might be an undercurrent of gay love in the new Star Wars movie.

“Though Finn spends a considerable amount of time trying to (platonically) hold Rey’s hand,” Pulliam-Moore wrote, “the good people of Tumblr are rallying behind the idea that deep down inside, it’s really Poe that Finn’s heart burns for. Just in case you needed more convincing, there’s plenty of fanart and fictions proving that these two should be your new OTP [one true pairing].”

What followed was a long list of assorted pictures, memes and comics of the two characters hugging and kissing. At the end, Pulliam-Moore concluded: “So there you have it. Finn and Poe are a thing and that thing is a very big deal.”

Only problem is, if you’ve seen the movie, you know these characters spend very little time with each other over the course of the film. Their “burgeoning love” is quite a long shot. Yet, this fantasy is not the first of its kind in the film world.  

Earlier in the year, the cast of The Avengers went on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where the host informed them that “there seems to be a lot of fascination about the relationship between Tony Stark and Bruce Banner.” From there, Kimmel proceeded to show pictures from a website where people had posted homoerotic artwork about the characters.

Can men show friendly affection anymore without being suspected as gay?

Note: If you haven’t heard of the news site Fusion, be aware that it is partly owned by Disney’s ABC network. Disney incidentally also owns LucasFilm and Star Wars. 

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