A Reagan Movie That Gets It Right?

Ronald Reagan finally gets the movie he deserves? After several Hollywood movies putting the 40th President in a negative light, Dennis Quaid is slated to play Reagan in summer of 2019.

Producers call Ronald Reagan: The Movie “a journey of a lifetime, the all-American story of the boy from Dixon, Illinois, who grew up to be president and changed a nation and the world.” The movie is based on the books The Crusader: Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism and God & Ronald Reagan: A Spiritual Life by Reagan historian Paul Kengor.

Although the Gipper was a movie actor and was even president of the Screen Actors Guild, Hollywood has been decidedly unkind to him. The Reagans, a controversial Golden Globe nominated 2003 TV movie was a “more leftism look at the legacy and career of Ronald Reagan” that was boycotted because of its portrayal of the President.

Nice to see a movie that positively portrays a Republican president, especially one with an actor like Quaid. This isn’t Quaid’s first positive movie, he played a title character in I Can Only Imagine a movie based on the MercyMe song.

It would be nice to think this is a trend in Hollywood -- movies that promote American values and patriotism.But don’t hold your breath.

Ronald Reagan

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