Dirty Dancing Star Is Proud Of Her Teenage Abortion

July 21st, 2022 9:35 AM

“Nobody puts a baby in a corner” except when that baby becomes a burden on one’s acting career. Another irrelevant Hollywood lefty is coming out of the woods to give another dumb take on abortion.

According to BoundingIntoComics, Dirty Dancing, and Ferris Bueller’s Day-Off, Actress Jennifer Grey stated she is proud of having a teenage abortion. 

Grey celebrated her young murder of her child as essential to her life. She adopts the leftist argument that babies are impediments to success. In an interview with the Los Angles Times, the actress laments the overturn of Roe. “I feel so emotional,” she states. “Even though I’ve seen it coming, even though we’ve been hearing what’s coming, it doesn’t feel real.” 

And hey, abortion was a win for Jennifer Grey. “I wouldn’t have my life. I wouldn’t have had the career I had, I wouldn’t have had anything. And it wasn’t for lack of taking it seriously,” she continues. “I’d always wanted a child. I just didn’t want a child as a teenager. I didn’t want a child where I was [at] in my life.” Rather than be a mother, Grey wanted to sleep with many people and focus on her career. 

“When I try to imagine my own daughter at 16, playing house, essentially living with a grown-ass man, doing tons of blow, popping Quaaludes, and going to Studio [54] — not to mention being lied to, cheated on, then gifted with various and sundry STDs and unwanted pregnancies, it makes me feel physically ill,” she said. “No teenager should be swimming in waters that dark.” 

Grey did, and an innocent child paid the price.

The biggest irony is Dirty Dancing, Grey’s most famous movie, is a very pro-life movie. One film’s subplot is Grey’s character helping another character with an unplanned pregnancy. Rather than remember that pro-life message, Grey wants to continue spewing the meaningless platitudes of the left. In light of the overturn of Roe, Grey states: “This is just so fundamentally wrong, and it is sounding a bell for all women to rise up and use their voice now because we have assumed, since 1973, that our choice was safe and that it was never going to be overturned.” 

Once again, another Hollywood leftie decided to have a meltdown over the inability to sacrifice her child to Moloch.