The Woke Is Strong With This One: Disney Emasculates Obi-Wan

June 3rd, 2022 3:10 PM

Obi-Woke KenobiThe attack on male characters never stops coming from the groomer kingdom Disney. The House of Mouse wants to ensure that every male character is emasculated to make way for their new diverse and PC characters. The days of strong and silent male characters are long gone, and here come the weak beta males. 

Disney’s most lucrative property, Star Wars, has released a new television series for its streaming service Disney + titled “Kenobi.” The series focuses on the iconic science fiction hero Obi-Wan Kenobi, played by Ewan McGregor, during his time on Tatooine. Three episodes have been released so far, revealing Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy’s goal to make every male hero a bumbling fool of himself. Not surprising, based on her previous comments that “The Force is Female.” 

The degradation of male heroes is evident in this new series. Obi-Wan Kenobi was portrayed as a stoic hero who was not afraid of putting himself in harm's way. He was dedicated, competent, and brave. However, after a few doses of Disney’s woke brand, the character has become a shell of his former self. This new woke Obi-Wan is bitter, cowardly, and chooses to run away from his responsibility. As described by YouTuber Overlord DVD, Obi-Woke Kenobi is now an old hermit in despair: “He hasn’t been practicing his Force skills so they’re pretty much of little use to him in an emergency and, worse, Kenobi no longer even believes in the mission” 

Soy Kenobi “No longer believes in the Jedi. As badly as Kenobi has neglected his mission and failed in every regard, that way, he is shown to be even more cowardly than Luke.” 

Characters that once inspired audiences are now vessels for a woke agenda. We see Kenobi overshadowed by female characters who either boss him around or constantly save him from danger throughout the show. This is no shocker given that all-new Star Wars media has brought back classic male heroes to make them weaker and overshadowed by their female counterparts. 

What’s worse is the off-screen propaganda Disney is promoting. When fans were criticizing actress Moses Ingram, who stars alongside Ewan, about her character, she immediately played the race card. Star Wars went to her defense online, and even McGregor stepped in on Twitter to say, “You’re no Star Wars fan in my Mind” if you don’t accept this new woke character. If Ingram is dealing with racist comments, she should handle it professionally, not send the woke mob after her audience. 

This is not a shock coming from Disney. The openly progressive company has turned every beloved character into crusaders for their woke cause. Children, who used to grow up watching positive figures on television, will now have leftist propaganda shoved in their faces. If they speak, they better be ready to be branded a racist.