World’s Youngest Trans Model Victim of Sick, Cynical Abuse

August 23rd, 2022 10:25 AM

Apparently, we’re no longer allowed to use the term “groomer” on Twitter. Fair enough. How about “child abuser,” because that’s what the adults in this story absolutely are.

According to the feminist site Reduxx, a 10 yr-old boy (in the real, biological sense) is getting enthusiastic headlines as the youngest transgender fashion model ever. Noella McMaher “began expressing gender dysphoria around age 2,” writes Reduxx’s Anna Slatz. “At age 4, Noella was ‘socially transitioned,’ referring to a process in which a child is ‘affirmed’ in their chosen gender identity by presenting as that gender while in public.” A couple years later, the boy’s parents changed his legal documentation to say he is a girl. 

A real Rockwell painting. But it’s worse than that because, as Slatz says, “information on the child’s family is often left out of the glowing profiles.”

The boy’s mother, Dee MacMaher, is a “social justice advocate” once “employed at the Rainbow Family Support Center as a transgender advocate.” Mom “identifies as non-binary, appears to be on hormone replacement therapy, and recently had a cosmetic mastectomy. Both she and her current partner are females who identify as trans masculine.” The partner Ray works in “LGBTQ health justice. (The biological dad isn’t exactly a white knight, having fractured Noella’s arm trying to get him into “boy pajamas.”)

So, Noella isn’t a boy or a girl or even a child to these people. At best he’s a by-product of a twisted ideology. At worst, he’s a social science experiment. 

Don’t believe me? In a 2019 profile in Chicago Parent (we’re drowning in irony here) “it was stated McMaher has planned for Noella to have ‘gender surgeries’ at age 16, but would start the child on puberty blockers and hormone therapy before then.” Like ya do. 

What’s more:

McMaher and her partner appear to have another young infant they are raising as non-binary, referring to the child as a “theybie” who is often photographed in a jumper which reads “genderless is more.”

So Chicago Parent, Out magazine and People’s World (the communist rag) and other outlets have all celebrated a sick mother and the child she’s been abusing since he was 2.