Chelsea Handler: Whites Who Deny Privilege ‘Don’t Know Enough Yet’

June 11th, 2020 12:00 PM

Good news, white people! You’re not irredeemable. Maybe. It’s for you to decide. The big question is, will you take Chelsea Handler’s sage counsel? 

The sometime talk show host, who is rumored to be a comedian, is offering a hand to her fellow pale people who haven’t yet grasped the full extent of their complicity in, well, everything bad. 

In a magnanimous gesture, she gently explained in a tweet that it may not not really be our fault. We’re just … slow. 


Big of her, don’t you think? We’ll take it under advisement, Chelsea, thanks. However, I’d like to point out there are other reasons many contemporary white people don’t respond well to being harangued about “privilege”:

  • We haven’t oppressed anyone.
  • We’re not planning to oppress anyone.
  • We’re doing our best to look at people as individuals.
  • We still have the reason and intellect to reject stupid ideas.
  • We’re late for dinner/work/a root canal procedure.
  • Engaging in discussion about race with leftists is akin to volunteering to have rabid weasels eat our eyes.