Alt-Left Insanity: ‘There’s Too Many White People … Period’

Warning: this column contains graffiti copied from the padded cells of the left. Some content may be disturbing.

Chloë Sevigny is an actress. Actor, I should say, since she seems to be exquisitely “woke.” (On the chance that Sevigny is super-duper woke, I’ll apologize now for having the presumption to use feminine pronouns.) Anyway, Sevigny -- an astute observer of relative melanin levels among various populations -- has determined that there are “too many white people” in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. Or maybe in the world.

What’s more, that surfeit of caucasians isn’t terribly interesting. Sevigny, you see, has been in a movie set in Park Slope, which came up in an interview with left-feminist website Jezebel. Asked how much research she does for various roles, Sevigny said it depends: “‘This white privilege lady in Park Slope? Yeah, I know that!’ There’s not that much research that needs to be done on that one.” Haha, white people -- all the same, aren’t they?

In fact, she called the whole Park Slope movie, Golden Exits, “a whitewash.” She related that, at a Golden Exits screening, the director was confronted about all that whiteness in his movie.

He was like, “Have you ever been to Park Slope?” And then you’re like …what’s he gonna do? Fill in all the minor characters? When I watch a movie, it’s so transparent when they’re casting in that situation. I’m not saying they shouldn’t. It’s also like, this is that world … There’s too many white people, period.

We could be charitable and infer that she means the pool of available actors during casting was insufficiently dusky. On the other hand, we could read into it that “that world” refers to the world, and she believes the planet could do with some pale population control. Pretty evil, in a Margaret Sanger kind of way. But let’s assume “that world” is the neighborhood of Park Slope, over-run as it is with uninteresting white people.

Now let’s do the old thought experiment: Say Sevigny was talking about the neighborhood of Brownsville, Brooklyn. Say she blurted out that there are “too many black people, period.”

And I’ll just leave that right there.

And now, more more bleating from the far pastures.

Too many white people? Hell, too many people! Next time a liberal screeches about keeping your laws off her ovaries or the government out of his bedroom, think about this from lefty comedian Nikki Glaser:

“Why are people still allowed to have five kids?” Let’s see.

  • Because we’re free-born citizens of the Republic, not subjects of a regime.

  • Because you lefties haven’t succeeded in changing human nature.

  • Because many people still accept responsibility for their sexual appetites and wouldn’t consider murdering an “unplanned child.”

  • Because many people welcome the chaos, compromise and joy of a large family.

  • Because civilized people recoil from the horror of China’s One-Child policy -- both as it was conceived (no pun intended) and in its barbarous and socially disastrous consequences.

  • But mostly because go to hell.

And that’s as far as we need take the argument, because in the subsequent tweet announcing she’d removed the first one, she doubled down on the anti-humanism while weaseling out of the authoritarian wording.

Funny, not much difference between “Why are you allowed to have an assault rifle?” and “Why are you allowed to have that many kids?” Cut a liberal, find an authoritarian. Always.

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Breaking: Noam Chomsky is still alive! And he still hates America. So he’s he’s still a an icon for the likes of Alternet, which published an interview with him recently.

But the old bolshevik seems to be slipping and Alternet, perhaps awed at receiving wisdom from the Original Faculty Fossil was not so bold as to clarify or correct him. Chomsky said -- get this -- “the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history.”

Seriously. The GOP. This is the party that almost weekly pins the needle on the Barney Fife-O-Meter. Hell there’s scarcely evidence it’s an organization, but dangerous? In the way that a toddler with a butter-knife and an electric outlet is dangerous.

But you see, the GOP (despite all evidence to the contrary) runs the United States government, and under the GOP the United States is the only country “committed to trying to destroy the climate. Not just pulling out of the efforts of others, but maximizing the use of the most destructive means.”

We are? Gosh, then that would make us worse than, like, Hitler. But c’mon, surely a famous linguist like Chomsky wouldn’t be so sloppy as to break Godwin’s Law … but he did. “Nobody, not even the Nazis, was dedicated to destroying the possibility of organized human life.”

Hey Uncle Noam, I know you’re just giving the Alternet kids the good old lefty doomsaying they want, but at least make it plausible. The Republicans can’t even privatize the trains, let alone make them run on time. The most dangerous organization in human history? If only!

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