Same-Sex Skating? USA Today Writer Goes the Full ‘Blades of Glory’

February 15th, 2018 12:42 PM

Martin Rogers is probably a nice man, and he seems sincere when he writes in USA Today, “Tolerance and understanding of the LGBT community still has some way to travel, but isn’t there enough of it for there to at least be a conversation about new Olympic events allowing two men and two women to skate in tandem?”

Has it come to this? Is there no room left in society for irony, let alone absurdity? Must nice, sincere journalists like Rogers infringe on our right to laugh at what is inherently laughable?

Rogers understands what he’s asking. He wants life to imitate art (kind of). He mentions Blades of Glory right up top of his Feb. 14 piece. The (to some) 2007 comedy classic blazed that trail, as Rogers acknowledges.

“[Will] Ferrell and [Jon] Heder’s performance was a giant caper,” says Rogers, “but there is no reason routines in men’s pairs or women’s pairs would need to be comical, or indeed have any of the romantic dynamic that is prevalent in both regular pairs and ice dance.”

Dunno about “romantic dynamism” (happily), but two guys mincing -- capering, if you like -- around on the ice together in tights is definitely comical. In fact, it’s a swirling, twirling, hair-gelled monument to comedy. Gold, Jerry! It’s why the movie was made.

So Rogers’ question was asked -- and definitively answered -- 11 years ago: