Somebody Went There: SNL Brings Up Lewinsky

July 28th, 2016 11:28 AM

Credit must be given where it’s due. Turns out Republicans aren’t the only ones who can find comedic relief in this week’s Democratic convention.

Following last week’s episode at the RNC, Saturday Night Live’s Colin Jost and Michael Che hosted their Weekend Update sketch from Philadelphia Wednesday night.

They noted that Dems are excited about Tim Kaine because “he’s fluent in Spanish…only problem is, he’s whiter than me,” Colin Jost. They later nicknamed him “Rosetta Stone.”

And then there was Bill Clinton’s lengthy reminiscence on his and Hillary’s relationship, which was “sort of like The Notebook, but if Ryan Gosling had ripped out all those pages about how he had an affair with an intern.”

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Bill tried to make Hillary Clinton seem relatable, but right after his speech she appeared via satellite on a giant screen like “some kind of Bond villain,” or “Kim Jung Clinton.”

The hosts also pointed out liberals’ aversion to acknowledging terrorism. Donald Trump criticized Dems for not mentioning ISIS at the DNC, but Jost pointed out “you know they’re not gonna. They’re democrats. They don’t say stuff like that, they don’t say radical Islam, they don’t even say Philly fanatic. They just say ‘he was a Mets fan until he was radicalized online.’”

Earlier this week, the pair admitted to Matt Lauer that Republicans are “better about laughing at themselves” than Dems are because “they’re honest” and not as concerned about being politically correct. So naturally, they threw in a few jibes at Republicans too.

On a play on Trump’s many “Trump etc.” business ventures, the pair handed out free “Trump Ice” on the streets pf Philly, which was actually just bottles of water. Because “Jesus turned water into wine and Trump turned ice into water.”

Watch Hillary’s speech tomorrow night. It’ll be the “least she’s ever been paid to give a speech.”

Watch the full clip here: