Michael Moore Directs Prophets of Rage Video, Anti-Americanism Ensues

Is this new Michael Moore video ‘Unf—ing’ the world or simply contributing to the rage?

Michael Moore directed Prophets of Rage’s new music video, entitled ‘Unf— the World’, and The Hollywood Reporter likened the video to Moore’s “decades-long crusade for truth.”

It’s no surprise the band’s lead, Tom Morello, guitarist, “staunch leftist,” and notorious anti-American, collaborated with Moore to produce ‘Unf—the World’, as well as rappers Chuck D and B-Real.  Morello is a Fidel Castro fan boy,  claiming the dictator “[instituted] the best healthcare . . . in the Western Hemisphere.” Morello has protested the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and has publically adorned a “Make America Rage Again” hat.

The music video is comprised of “images of President Donald Trump, environmental peril, factory farming, nuclear threats, poverty, police brutality, celebrity banality and much more,” according to Hollywood Reporter.  The video also shows cartoon microscopes, graduation caps, and books with Islamic, Jewish, and Christian symbols falling into a silver meat grinder. The message Prophets of Rage and Michael Moore are sending in the video is clear: the world is in shambles, and America is to blame for it.  President Trump – unsurprisingly – is the video’s key antagonist.

Moore claims Prophets of Rage are “saying the right shit, at this very critical moment.”  Yet this is just more of the “fake news” the video condemns.  Unlike Moore, not everyone is on board with this so-called “collective battle cry” that purports to expose “those who seek to harm the innocent and powerless.” 

Amidst myriad images of President Trump, the video depicts a cartoon image of an ominous wall spanning the width of a desert plane; the wall’s tan hue slowly fades into a dingy red, white, and blue. Prophets of Rage and Michael Moore seem to believe most are “collectively” opposed to border control involving a wall.  Perhaps the band forgets that Americans are divided over constructing ‘the wall’ – and that most actually support it.  According to a 2017 poll from Rasmussen, 48 percent of Americans support border control involving a physical wall, while 46 oppose it. 

The video’s view of conservatives is, perhaps, best demonstrated in its depiction of a red “Make America Great Again” hat, flaming in a trash heap.  Is making a violent mockery of fellow Americans’ political beliefs really the best way to ‘Unf— the world?’  The world seems to be full of enough ‘rage’ as it is.  Perhaps the battle-cry against conservative values may not be quite as collective as Michael Moore believes.

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