USA's ‘The Purge’ Tarnishes Veterans Day in Latest Episode

November 6th, 2019 12:30 AM

Veterans Day might not be until Monday, but USA’s The Purge started things off with its own rotten take on the day. Like most things this series has done, it was tone-deaf, spiteful of America, and perverted any good feeling about anything patriotic. It’s almost a tradition for liberal shows at this point.

The November 5 episode “Grief Box” continued the seasonal plot of showing us what happens after “Purge Night,” one night a year where all crimes, including murder, are legal. In light of that horrible American past time, the governing force of America, The New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA), introduced a new national holiday for the books. This one was called “Remembrance Day,” and it eerily resembled that of Veterans Day. From the store sales to honoring those for their “service,” it was very clear that the writers wanted us to think of veterans as the show described Remembrance Day:



Speaker: Remembrance Day is here again, and we here at the NFFA wish a safe and happy holiday to every citizen who has a loved one sacrificed for the Purge. This weekend is a time to honor and celebrate those great martyrs who gave their lives for our country.

Man: Thank you for your sacrifice.

Speaker: Take time this holiday to remember there is no greater act of service than to give your life for our great nation. While we all know the Purge keeps our nation safe and strong, it’s not without cost. So today we also celebrate the families, the mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. So if you see someone wearing that yellow flower, give them a handshake, a hug. Buy them a cup of coffee to thank them for what they’ve given up for our country. After all, it’s the American thing to do.

I’m not sure what’s more tasteless at this point: elevating government-sanctioned murder victims as veterans or downgrading veterans to the same level as government-sanctioned murder victims. The Purge is a dystopia trying to warn viewers of America’s “perverted relationship to firearms” and growing violence, but this only demeaned everything we honor about our veterans.

In the real world, men and women bravely risk their lives to protect the rights and freedoms we hold dear, including the Second Amendment. In the world of The Purge, that honor goes to whomever is the victim of a twisted lifestyle. It reduces the real sacrifices to cheap satire about where delusional liberals think we’re headed with guns. Some holiday that is.

Like the previous season, The Purge’s second season is still heavy on violence and moralizing. Unfortunately, this year it also seems to be dragging down good Americans with it. For this Veterans Day, let’s try to honor those who’ve truly sacrificed for our great nation. We can all do much better than The Purge.