‘Mayans MC’ Takes On ‘Racist Yahoos’ Shooting 'Wetbacks'

September 26th, 2018 12:37 AM

Once again, FX’s Mayans MC isn’t shy about politics. After statements at the border, we now confront border-enforcing white nationalists. For a show the creator swears isn’t political, this series is becoming oddly political.

The September 25 episode “Murciélago/Zotz” opens with a shooting near the Mexican border. Ordinarily, shootings aren’t anything new on this show. Neither is the fact that the victim carried drugs. What is unique about this episode is the shooter was actually a member of a white nationalist gang. How do we know this? The members have all the cliches including military fatigues, a Confederate flag, and a hatred for illegal immigrants. They’re pretty much bigger stereotypes than any Mexican on this show.

The characters are not ashamed to call them out, of course. One of the locals complains about their “redneck rat patrol” firing bullets at the fence. The mayor herself describes their behavior as “dropping wetbacks for Uncle Sam.” As the episode continues, the Mayans Motorcycle Club investigate the group themselves which leads to this confrontation with their female leader (racist but not sexist, I see).



Alice: Big day at Casa Reed. First the good guys, now the bad guys. Or maybe I got them turned around. - So hard to tell nowadays.

Bishop: Maybe you and the, uh, peckerwood patrol are just humble servants keeping our border safe, or maybe you're just a bunch of fucking racist Yahoos gunning down kids with high-powered rifles.

Denny: Listen, if you're talking about the shooting last night, we already told the cops... We don't know nothing about that.

Alice: Nothing more than our neighbors. Although, it might be hard for some of them to notice shit when they got a dick in every hole.

Bishop: Come on, Alice.

Charming. However, there’s no need to worry about this group for long. By the end of this episode, they are all taken out indiscriminately by an unknown murderer. None of them are mourned because all of them were clearly terrible.

And that seems to be the short of it. If you want a border or want it enforced, you’re no better than these ignorant numbskulls. And you’re probably racist. One of these days, Mayans MC should just tell us how they really feel.