Evil Corp Behind 'Buffoon,' 'Puppet' Trump on USA's 'Mr. Robot'

And here I thought USA’s Mr. Robot aired out all of its Trump grievances in the season premiere. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re doomed to see the 45th president a lot more than I expected this season with his second appearance on the show in three episodes. When it comes to this plot, you know that’s not a good thing.

In the October 25 episode titled “Eps3.2_1egacy.so,” we’re treated to flashbacks surrounding the character Tyrell Wellick (Martin Wallström), a former VP at E Corp (“Evil Corp”), later turned member of the hacktivist group fsociety. From there, we’re slightly illuminated on the plans of the corporation prior to the events of the premiere. Apparently, those plans also included backing Donald Trump as a candidate, judging from this scene with Whiterose (B.D. Wong) planning the exoneration of Wellick and the defamation of society by the media with the help of a popular journalist named Cody.

Trump (on tv) : And I would be the greatest job president ever, in my opinion.

Cody: So, this is your house. One of your houses, I assume. [Chuckles] I've never been to this island. You know, it doesn't even show up on Google Maps.

Whiterose: You're going back to New York in 22 minutes.

Cody: Well, Jesus Christ, you could've called me instead of putting me on a four-hour flight. I got a bad l4.

Whiterose: I need you to start an image rehabilitation on Tyrell Wellick. He's an ex-e Corp employee who's about to be blamed for the five/nine hack. No matter how public it gets, it is important that he stays in a positive light.

Cody: Huh. Any chance Obama goes after him? People love to defend anything he hates.

Whiterose: Also, there's a new narrative I would like you to explore. I need you to put fsociety's origin on Iranian soil.

Cody: Iran, huh? That's brown enough. Shouldn't be too hard.

Whiterose: One last thing-- I may have a potential candidate for president I want you to back.

Trump (on tv): Now, I've created tens of thousands of jobs over my career, tens of thousands.

Cody: [Laughs] Look, the country's desperate right now. But you can't be serious. I mean, the guy's a buffoon. He's completely divorced from reality. How would you even control him?

Whiterose: If you pull the right strings, a puppet will dance any way you desire.

Trump (on tv): Right? Make America great again. [Applause] I say it.

Was this just in case the Trump slam in the previous episode was too subtle for us? Does this show really think we’re that dense? I suppose so, since we need a scene to hint at not only a foreign collusion to sway the election but from someone that is actually evil. I could say it’s supposed to be a funny jab, but they’ve cut about half of the country out of the joke. And that range gets even smaller when you assume those people have an aversion to anyone "brown enough" for your narrative.

It almost makes me wonder what could be in store for the rest of the season. After all, what could be one step above “evil” when associating with Donald Trump? Somehow, I doubt the show is intelligent enough to find it.

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