Daily Beast Writer Attacks ‘Butch Queen’ Sarah Huckabee Sanders ‘In Drag’

July 24th, 2017 10:38 AM

With incessant coverage on everything from slut-shaming to the Women’s March, the liberal media claim to stand for all women. All women, unless they disagree with a liberal agenda, that is.

So much for diversity and tolerance.

On Friday, The Daily Beast and GQ Magazine Culture Writer Ira Madison III attacked the looks of newly appointed White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Twitter.

“Butch queen first time in drags at the ball,” he tweeted alongside a picture of Huckabee Sanders at a White House press briefing.

In other words, Madison called Huckabee Sanders a gay male (“butch queen”) dressed as a woman (“in drags”).

About an hour earlier, he had also tweeted out an unappealing screenshot of Huckabee Sanders with the caption, "As I told Sean Spicer when I pulled his plug, this is a one woman show!"



This isn’t the first time Madison has tweeted revolting thoughts. Earlier this year, while at MTV News, Madison accused Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) of using an Asian-American girl as a “prop” – a girl who happened to also be his granddaughter. That tweet has since been deleted.

Last year, Madison, an African-American himself, also went after Ben Carson on Twitter, asking the racially-charged question “house or field?” after a story hinted at Carson’s future in the Trump administration.

UPDATE: On Monday evening, Madison apologized to Huckabee Sanders for what he called an "ill-judged joke."