Former MTV Star Declares Abortion ‘Murder,’ ‘Extermination’

March 3rd, 2017 10:34 AM

Both Hollywood and MTV are in cahoots with America’s largest abortion provider. But that isn't stopping one star from speaking out in defense of the unborn.

In a string of recent tweets, MTV personality Jessica (Jess) McCain argued against abortion as a witness to unborn babies. “[P]regnancy isn’t a sickness, abortion isn’t a cure,” she urged her 38,000 followers Thursday. A reality TV star (and self-described Christian), McCain appeared in MTV’s Real World: Portland and The Challenge before leaving Hollywood for the Institute of Culinary Education to pursue her dream job as a chef.

Her tweets challenging abortion began last week, when a fellow Twitter user named Jem tweeted out an article with the caption, “Men trying to take control over women's reproductive rights is one of the surest ways for them to try to suppress our power.”

In disagreement, McCain responded that a baby is not only the mother’s child, but also the father’s.

“[M]an and woman make a baby. Woman wants an abortion..the father wants to meet his child...her body. Half his child,” she tweeted.



She added that a woman’s choice does comes into play – when she decides to have sex in the first place. “Are women's rights more important” than the “father’s rights?” she asked.



That same day, after watching the movie War Room, she asked on Twitter, “If you're pronounced dead when your heart stops, why when it starts do some of you not consider a baby alive?”



She also pointed to women who “years later” are still haunted by their abortions. “Every girl I've met that has says it messed them up, they didn't know the consequences of their abortion,” she added. “Some even turned to substance abuse to cope from the traumatic uninformed decisions they made.”




When Jem criticized McCain, a registered libertarian, for not believing in a “woman’s choice” along with her party, McCain didn’t budge. “I believe that education is key. Especially at an abortion clinic, women make emotional life changing rash decisions everyday,” she responded.

Tweeting out a sonogram, McCain stressed that “A heart beat says it's has life” and called abortion murder and “extermination.”



Despite the backlash from several other Twitter users, McCain held firm.

“Refuse to apologize for what you believe in but speak eloquently in defense of your morals,” she tweeted later. “All these people cussing me for showing the truth,” she typed, “That unborn children are still children.”



Through Thursday and Friday, McCain still argued in favor life – and even invited The Blaze host Tomi Lahren for her input.

“For those who say aborting a baby isn't ending a life...tell that to a woman who has lost her baby to miscarriage,” McCain tweeted, before continuing, “pregnancy isn’t a sickness, abortion isn’t a cure.”




She concluded, “look your child in the eyes think about what you would do to protect her. #abortionismurder.”



Speaking of babies, McCain posted a picture of playing with her niece and nephew last month:



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