Joy Behar: Benghazi Mom’s RNC Speech ‘Completely Inappropriate’

A mother speaking out about her son’s death is “inappropriate” for the RNC, according to The View’s Joy Behar. But will she say the same about the DNC’s speakers?

On Tuesday, The View ladies discussed the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. At one point, co-host Whoopi Goldberg asked the panel about an RNC speech delivered by Patricia Smith, “a mom who lost her son in Benghazi [and] still blames Hillary for her son's death.”

Fox News analyst Jedediah Bila began by defending Smith:

I think she feels that Hillary Clinton – you know, and she said this, wrote an e-mail to her daughter the night of the attack saying it was terrorism and then stood in front of the caskets and the rest of the world and blamed it on a YouTube video and feels deceived. And as someone looking at a mom who lost their child, if that were me, and I – and I – all I would be seeking would be answers and the truth.

In disagreement, co-host Behar called Smith’s speech “inappropriate” to have at the convention.

When President Barack Obama first ran in 2008, Behar ranted, “he didn't have a thousand mothers up there who lost their boys in Iraq and say it's George Bush's fault.”

That’s because Obama uses “class,” Behar said, unlike GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump who “will do anything to get you to sympathize and attack Hillary Clinton.”  

“It's completely inappropriate,” she repeated. Video below.

Not surprisingly, none of the View ladies mentioned that several big-name mothers are scheduled to speak at the upcoming 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, including Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin’s mother), Lezley McSpadden (Michael Brown’s mother) and Gwen Carr (Eric Garner’s mother).

Bila called out Behar for being unfair.

“When they wanted to pass Obamacare, do you remember how many people we got to hear about how they lost their insurance and the sob stories?” Bila asked. “This is politics.” 

Goldberg argued back, “If it's politics, then what needed to come up after that was that the Republicans who ran that Benghazi hearing for 9,000 hours.” 

“11 hours,” Behar corrected. “She never faltered. She didn’t do it. What more do they want to hear?”

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