CBS’s Anti-Trump Drama Fantasizes: President Hillary Cures Cancer, Saves Rainforest

April 9th, 2020 8:00 PM

Imagine a Hillary Clinton fangirl dreaming of a world where Hillary is president, only to awaken and find out it's not true. CBS All-Access began streaming Season Four of The Good Fight on April 9 and used that narrative as the storyline of the episode titled “The Gang Deals with Alternate Reality.”

In this case, the fangirl was successful liberal attorney Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) and she was over-the-moon happy that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 presidential election. The opening scene was one of Diane watching the inauguration on television, popping champagne and humming along to “Hail to the Chief”. Then the screen went static and her confusion began.



With Hillary in the Oval Office, the world was very different. Diane was asked to be lead attorney in a case going to the Supreme Court involving gerrymandering in Illinois. Elizabeth Warren and Merrick Garland were both Justices and nobody knows who Brett Kavanaugh is. A cure for cancer had been found but Clinton was refusing to say how or when that happened. Polar bears were not only plentiful again but now risk overpopulation. The Amazon rainforest had been saved but the usual Clintonian scandals have roared back to life. Hillary had a travel office scandal, e-mail scandals, people criticizing her haircut, and even Benghazi was back.

Donald Trump had Trump TV, which was reduced to eight hours a day. The programming featured singers singing “This Wall Was Made For You and Me” and a pretty young woman appeared in an ad stating that Eric Holder will take everyone’s automatic rifles because Hillary is president.



One twist that made Diane slowly come back to reality was when she was assigned to a case in defense of Harvey Weinstein. He was being sued over a television adaptation of a movie and he has also received the Medal of Freedom from Hillary.

Diane was shocked that no one around her knew of the rape charges against him yet. The other women don’t know about the Women’s March, pussy hats, or the #MeToo movement, so Diane took it upon herself to begin a website for women. Weinstein’s assistant told Diane that he was nervous that Republicans are going to go after him for supporting Hillary. Diane asked, “But aren’t the women Democrats?” and that question was brushed away. Once that case went before a judge, he sided with Weinstein and said it’s just a "he said, she said" case.

The end of the episode found Diane coming out of her state of unconsciousness. A handyman working at her home turns out to be a member of the S.W.A.T. team that raided her home at the end of Season Three. He's a big Trump supporter. Like Diane, he was confused about why no one thinks Trump is president. The final scene showed Diane in the woods where she finds her husband, conservative Kurt McVeigh (Gary Cole), at his cabin hiding his guns. At that point, she snapped out of her dream.

This episode was as unbelievable as the perfect world Hillary Clinton would bring about as the story indicates. For most of us, President Hillary would be a nightmare. Ironically, Diane’s law firm was about to claim bankruptcy due to the implementation of Hillary’s high corporate tax rate.

Let’s hope the rest of the season is just the usual liberal talking points and not pure fantasy.