Pro-Life Message Resonates from ABC’s 'The Good Doctor'

November 5th, 2019 1:17 AM

A strong pro-life message was delivered by a pregnant woman who was facing potential life-threatening complications during a necessary surgery in the November 4 episode of ABC’s The Good Doctor titled “45-Degree Angle.” It is noteworthy when a television show sends a moving message that the life of the unborn is precious, especially when another show at the same time on another network featured an abortion.

First-time expectant mother Patty Fields (Tiffany Daniels) is a newlywed and about to open a business with her husband. She is also potentially battling cancer, as a large mass is detected growing next to her unborn baby, but she lets it be known that it is important to her to allow her child a chance at a safe delivery.

Patty’s husband, Andre (Quentin Plair), is scared of the thought of losing Patty if the surgery takes a wrong turn. He is desperate for her to put her own life above that of the baby. He even tells her that he never really wanted the baby in the first place, as the surgeon, Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez), talks to the couple about the surgery. Dr. Melendez explains that there is a possibility that Patty could hemorrhage during surgery and die but he is confident he can successfully perform the surgery.

Andre tries to reassure that they can have another baby later. He wants her to choose an alternative surgery where the baby is taken out of Patty’s body along with the mass. In other words, the baby would be delivered at 23 weeks of age with a 15-20 percent chance of survival.

Patty tells Andre that she doesn’t want another baby. She wants this baby.



Patty: I don't want another baby. I want the one that's been giving me morning sickness for the last 23 weeks. I want the one who's been giving me heartburn, constipation, and insomnia. That's the baby that I want to hold. And I couldn't live with the guilt if I killed our baby to save my own life

Unfortunately, complications arose during Patty’s surgery and she did die. Her baby was saved, though, and transferred to the NICU where Andre could visit her.

Patty’s plea for the life of her unborn baby to continue was a powerful scene. Her baby has a shot at surviving with the help of the NICU. It is also refreshing that the medical professionals referred to the baby as a baby and not a fetus, as the pro-abortion lobby demands.