Lame ‘Murphy Brown’ Hits at Trump for Lying '5,247 Times' in Office

October 26th, 2018 12:58 AM

The reboot of Murphy Brown is getting old quick. It has become a boring, paint by numbers exercise in liberal vanity, with shots (both direct and veiled) at President Trump, Melania, the Trump Hotel, and, of course, Fox News.

In the CBS show’s episode titled “The Girl Who Cried Wolf” airing October 25, Murphy Brown went to a frequent gag. Murphy (Candice Bergen) is forever in need of a new assistant and the show’s social media/tech guru comes up with a solution – an artificial intelligence one. Murphy is skeptical and then the techie, Pat (Nik Dodani), demonstrates by hammering Donald Trump as a liar. 



Pat: Also, I come bearing gifts. Murphy, I looked into your record with assistants, and... did you know that some of them formed a support group and at the end of every session, they pummel a Murphy Brown piñata with broomsticks? Anyway, I developed an algorithm that uses non-binary criteria and advanced analytics to find you the perfect assistant.

Murphy: I never know what this kid is saying.

Pat: All you need to know is that I found you the perfect assistant. She is tireless, speaks many languages, has worldwide connections, and you never have to tell her the same thing twice. Meet...val.

Murphy: It looks like a thermos.

Pat: No, Val. It stands for voice-activated... Little... I don't actually know what the "L" stands for. Anyway, this is not your basic, off-the-shelf artificial intelligence. This is a next-generation, cutting-edge piece of tech not even on the market yet. Watch this. Val, how many times during his administration has Trump lied?

Val: President Trump has made false or misleading statements 5,247 times. Correction -- 5,248. Correction -- Apologies. He is currently at a rally.

In the midst of the news team trying to keep secret the details of an upcoming blockbuster story from a whistleblower, Murphy discovers that fellow reporter Frank (Joe Regalbuto) is having an affair with a conservative female anchor at the competing conservative-leaning cable news network based on Fox News. She can’t understand how he can have a relationship with someone who holds opposing political views and works for the Wolf News Network. When Frank reminds her that her own son, Avery, works for Wolf, she tells him he has gone too far and storms off. What a hypocrite!



Murphy: With my big story coming out the timing just couldn't be worse. I-I mean, when it comes to women, you tend to lose touch with the part of your brain that controls speech and judgment.

Frank: You know, while we're on the subject, I'm not the only one with a Wolf anchor in my life.

Murphy: Are you talking about Avery? My son? Your godson? He is not the enemy,

Frank: No, but he's not Switzerland, either. I mean, I've seen the way you do your stories. You've got notes all over your desk, on the front seat of your car, your living-room floor. How easy would it be for Avery to just find something lying around?

Murphy: You have just crossed the line, Frank.

See, to far left liberals, anyone with an opposing political view is “the enemy” and not to be worthy of a relationship. She is only too willing to turn her back on the fact that her own son is able to work for the other network. Pot/kettle, much?

As for Avery, Murphy has him thinking she got a copy of the infamous "pee tape" that liberals wish really existed.

Meanwhile, Murphy’s real story is scooped by Frank’s girlfriend and the team is perplexed as to who could have leaked it. Frank goes to confront the anchor, Christy, and naturally, they meet in the Trump International Hotel. The lounge is even complete with a Melania-like hostess talking about cyberbullying and the men in the place look like the bar scene in Star Wars. There are Saudis, a Russian, and cowboys all in culturally appropriate garb.



Hostess: Welcome to Trump International Hotel, where we always aim to... be best. Free wi-fi, no cyberbullying.

Christy: I scooped you. Don't kill me.

Frank: Christy. What the hell? That was my team's story.

Christy: I'm sorry, but it fell into my lap, and I had to go with it. Am I allowed to sit down?

Frank: Well, you invited me here, and I showed up, so I guess so. And of all the places to meet -- the Trump Hotel?

Christy: The Wolf Network gets a 60% discount here.

Frank: Of course it does.

The leak is finally discovered and it’s Val. She picks up their conversations and interprets them as instructions to relay the information to Wolf. Talk about anti-climatic! That’s just dumb.

Sadly, this show is still little more than a vehicle used to bash President Trump and conservatives, even if it’s only lame remarks sprinkled into the dialogue and a silly parody of a Trump property. I’d like to think it will be better in future episodes but I'm finding it hard to believe.