‘Will and Grace:’ 'Santa’s Just Another Old White Perv We Once Trusted'

December 6th, 2017 1:29 AM

It’s that magical time of year when network television airs Christmas-themed episodes of their regularly programmed shows. In the episode titled “A Gay Olde Christmas” that aired December 5, NBC’s Will and Grace even managed to include a swipe at Santa Claus. Regular viewers know that from the first episode going forward, it seems the whole reason for bringing back this show is to bash Trump and conservatives in general. A quick shot at the president via his father made its way into this week’s Christmas show, too.

The show opens with Will (Eric McCormack) complaining about the wait time for a table at the restaurant chosen for the annual Christmas Eve dinner with Grace (Debra Messing), Karen (Megan Mullally) and Jack (Sean Hayes). He is full of the bah-humbug spirit and cynically says, ”It’s not going to snow, there’s no such thing as miracles, Christmas is for spoiled rich kids, and – and – and Santa’s just another old white perv we once trusted.” They leave the restaurant and find a museum open, as Grace has to use the restroom.

Browsing through a book at the Immigrant Historical Society, Will ponders life in New York in an earlier time. “You’d walk down the street and say, 'Merry Christmas, sir,' and he’d say, 'Same to you. I like the shape of your mustache.' And I’d say, 'I like yours, too.'” Lol! Will’s a nerd but this moves the story to a trip in the way back machine.

The gang goes back to 1912 and the story of an Irish immigrant, as the screenshot illustrates, Mrs. Karolyn O’Sullivan. Karolyn (played by Megan Mullally) is a widow with many children at home. She lives in a rat-infested tenement owned by wealthy real estate investor, Mr. Billam Van Billioms (Eric McCormack). He is a businessman and expects rent, even if it is Christmas. Mrs. O’Sullivan can’t scrape the money together and he threatens her with eviction.

Billiam’s wife, Fanny (Debra Messing) isn’t having it. She protests him turning the O’Sullivan family out on Christmas. This is where the Trump reference goes in.



Fanny: Billam, wait. I cannot let you put these poor people out on the street on Christmas. It's not fair.

Billam: The gentleman I acquired this property from says the poor have only themselves to blame, and I have yet to disagree with anything out of the mouth of Mr. Frederick Trump.

Pretty lame reference to Trump, if you ask me. Using his father and implying he’s a heartless wealthy man. Not very original.

Will’s fantasy of wonderful days past turns sour as they realize that women, gays, and immigrants would not have thought it was a wonderful time. Again, this seems too obvious. Any glance at a history book would educate the reader of the struggles women had for the rights men enjoyed. And history books are full of stories about the struggles of immigrants coming to America to pursue their dreams.

At the end, Will reflects, ”Well, you know what, I’m done complaining that things used to be better. They weren’t. I mean, they’re not great now, but we do have a lot to be thankful for.” See, Will? Miracles do happen. You learned something after all. And, don’t call Santa a “perv.”