VH1's ‘Daytime Divas’ Mocks Christian as Having 'Kinky Three-Way With God'

In the episode of VH1’s Daytime Divas that aired on June 19 titled “Blind Items,” more time was devoted to portraying the conservative Christian show host as a pervert. In last week’s episode the fact that Heather (Fiona Gubelmann) and her race car driver husband participate in S&M while Heather recites Bible verses was introduced. Apparently, this is to be a continuing theme.

Mo (Tichina Arnold), a co-host on The Lunch Hour videotapes segments of Moto Mo to air on the show. This week Mo paid an unannounced visit to Heather’s suburban Connecticut home to film what she might catch Heather doing at home. They find the nanny and the children about to set out on a walk – Heather’s transgender son was dressed in a dress – and Mo captured that encounter on tape. Thankfully, Mo showed some compassion and stopped the tape when she realized the situation.

After those three left on their walk, Mo proceeded to go into Heather’s home. Naturally she discovered the kinky sex act in process. Later, back at work, Heather goes to apologize to Mo for what she witnessed. Mo shakes it off as no big deal, as long as Heather is happy, and proceeds to crudely describe it as a three-way with God.

Mo: Come in.

Heather:  Hey, Mo.

Mo:  Hey!

Heather: I'm sorry that you saw what you saw yesterday.

Mo: Oh, no, no, no. It's all good. I shouldn't have barged in on you like that. But I don't judge

Heather: Good. Leave that to the good Lord.

Mo: Yeah, I mean, you know, if that weird Christian, s&m role-play shit works—

Heather:  It's called Christian Domestic Discipline. It's all based on scripture.

Mo:  Oh. Well, you and I must have read different drafts of the Bible. I mean, I just don't get it. Just doesn't seem religious or sexy to me at all.

Heather: It's not supposed to be sexy although I... Usually we have really hot sex right after.

Mo:  Oh, that's all good. You know, you can have your kinky three-way with God.

Heather: You won't tell anyone, will you?

Mo: Of course not. And since we're friends... ...Let me say this. If it works for you, I support you.

Heather: Yeah. I really appreciate that.

Mo: That's if you are sure that it's working and if you are sure that you're happy.

Heather: Of course, I'm happy. Have a good show, Mo.

Mo: Okay, you too.

Really? It’s bad enough the writers portray the Christian character as enjoying perverse sex through an obscure way of interpreting the Bible, but then Heather feels the need to explain it to her co-worker and that co-worker describes it as a three-way with God.

Hollywood seems unable to flesh out a role for a Christian in a scripted show as a regular human being. Let’s see if next week’s episode comes up with another way to work her sex life into the script and make her look like a freak.

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