Still ‘With Her:’ CW’s ‘Jane the Virgin’ Can’t Get Over Hillary’s Loss

In Monday night’s episode of CW’s Jane the Virgin, titled “Chapter Fifty-Eight,” there were three, count ‘em THREE, references to Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign using random, snarky throwaway lines. Will the show’s star, Gina Rodriguez (Jane), ever be able to get over the surprise election results and get on with her life?

In this episode, Jane decides to run for room mom at Mateo’s school after the four year old commented that she was not at his school much and he misses her. Petra (Yael Grobglas) is the current room mom and still wants the gig. The teacher suggests that the women both do the job together. Not surprisingly, this doesn’t work out. Jane doesn’t like the tasks that Petra is giving her and they eventually decide to do a run-off election after all. Jane says the kids can see democracy in action – this time with no “Russian intervention.” Really?

Jane: We just have different visions. Both valid.

Petra: Totally. I just love so many of her ideas. Love.

Jane: Ditto. No, it's just, uh... A little cumbersome having to make all these bipartisan decisions. So, we were thinking, why not have a runoff? The kids can see democracy in action. This time, free from Russian intervention.

Petra:  Oh...

Latin lover narrator: Ugh. Don't remind me.

Teacher:  Okay. Just keep it friendly.

Jane: Of course. We're family. So, serious?

Petra: No. Sounds good.

Latin lover narrator: Get ready, folks.

Next, Petra and Jane are discussing renovations to the school playground during a debate. The surface underneath the jungle gym needs to be replaced. Jane wants to use sand – and no wall. See, that doesn’t even make sense. Just a cheap, random shot at President Trump without saying his name.

Petra: My vision for the room is clear: to keep things under control, as I have for the past two years.

Jane: You keep talking about the past. I want to focus on the future of our room. I want it inclusive, optimistic...

Moderator: Candidates, again the question was: What improvements do you support for the playground? Ms. Villanueva?

Jane: Yes, of course. We clearly need a new surface for under the jungle gym. My plan is to return to sand. It's inexpensive, natural. It's what we grew up with. And definitely no wall.

In the end, after all that nonsense, neither really wanted to be a room mom. Jane, when telling the teacher that she was dropping out of the race and handing it to Petra, parroted the Hillary Clinton campaign slogan – “I’m with her.” Yeah, ok. I was a room mom several times as my son was growing up. It’s a lot of work. Hillary Clinton, though, was not ever a room mom, to the best of my knowledge.

Petra: Can I admit something?

Rafael: Hmm?

Petra: I hate being room mom.

Latin lover narrator: Which brings us here. Now...  Can we talk?

Teacher: Okay! Election day! Shall we take our room mom vote?

Latin lover narrator: Yes! Please, get it over with.

Jane: Actually, can I say something first, if that's all right? I just wanted to say, I think it's obvious that there is one person much more qualified to be room mom. And that's why... I'm with her.

Poor Jane/Gina. Will she ever get over Hillary’s loss?

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