NBC’s ‘Chicago Justice’ Reminds of Chappaquiddick: ‘Teddy Kennedy Never Served a Day’

March 13th, 2017 2:19 AM

In the latest spin-off of NBC’s Chicago series, Chicago Justice, the show shockingly took a shot at liberal sacred cow Ted Kennedy.

The episode titled “Judge Not” told the story of the murder of a Chicago judge who received bad publicity for a light sentence handed down to a college student accused of raping a co-ed. He was released after serving five months. As State Attorneys Anna Valdez and Peter Stone (Philip Winchester) talk after the trial, Peter notes that the rapist received less of a sentence than Martha Stewart. Anna retorts that "Ted Kennedy never served a day."

Anna: Off the record?

Peter:  Yeah, come in. I probably lost the case anyway. I don't know if I ever said it, but I am sorry about Kinzie.

Anna:  This is exactly what Ray dreaded most-- a case in which the law gets in the way of justice.

Peter:  Like a five-month sentence for a rape?

Anna:  He was just following the probation officer's presentencing report.

Peter:  Martha Stewart served more time.

Anna:  And Teddy Kennedy never served a day.

Peter:  Touché.

Anna:  If I learned one thing from Zoe, it's to focus on the future. After all this, she's getting married. Good luck in court tomorrow.

Peter:  Thank you.

Touché indeed! A notorious womanizer, the late senator is infamous for the death of 28-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne who died when he drove his car off a bridge late at night in Chappaquiddick Island, Mass. Kennedy saved himself and left the woman to drown, only reporting the crash 10 hours later. Of course, he went on to become the "liberal lion" of the Senate, which some credited to him changing his life after Kophechne's death. One reporter even said Kopechne might "feel it [her death] was worth it."

How often do we see honesty about true crimes from the liberal side of the aisle that have gone unpunished? Not often. Well played, Anna Valdez.