Frightfully Dumb ‘Scream Queens’ Has Psycho Killer Dress as Ivanka Trump

I thought Trump was the one demeaning women – turns out it’s lefty Hollywood script writers demonizing the women in his life, including having a psychopathic killer dress as Ivanka Trump for Halloween.

In “Halloween Blues,” Fox’s comedic horror show Scream Queens turns into a strange obsession with Ivanka and her mother, Donald’s first wife, Ivana. First, Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin) can’t tell Ivana and Ivanka apart. She thought they were the same person because “who names their kid after their wife, and just adds a random letter?” Maybe Ivanka’s mother, a Czech-American? Then, to be more obvious, a reference to a quote from Trump from years back that he’d date Ivanka if she wasn’t his daughter was tossed in.

Chanel gasps: It's that murderous traitor, Chanel #5! Somebody keep her away from me! 

Zayday: We told you to stay home, Number Five. It's for your own good. 

Chanel #5: It's not fair that just because someone attacked Chanel and I have a tendency to be a little unstable, I don't get to come to the party.

Susan: Who the hell you supposed to be? 

Chanel #5: Ivanka Trump. The Donald's first wife?

Susan:  No, dear, Donald's first wife was Ivana Trump. Ivanka is his daughter. The one he wants to... 

Chanel #5: What? I thought that Ivana and Ivanka were the same person! I mean, who names their kid after their wife, and just adds a random letter? 

Zayday: Girl, bye. (Gasps)

Cassidy:  Ow! Wait, so if she's Ivana Trump, then who's that dressed as Ivanka? 

Ivanka Trump is portrayed as a pawn in her father’s campaign for president and compared to Smurffette – the female Smurf from the 80’s. Both are called token women living in a fantasy world. Can you imagine Chelsea Clinton written about as a token woman? No, of course not.

And, for the final touch, Ivanka is called the “sexy young face of a psychopathic, ultra right-wing, authoritarian regime bent on destroying everything that’s good about this country,” while Ivana is called an old hag tossed aside like “human garbage” for a “fresh piece of ass.”

Chanel #5: Who is that? Chanel? Okay. Well... First of all, I think that Ivanka Trump is such a better costume than Smurfette. I mean, they're sort of similar in the sense that they're both token women who are used as pawns and live in a fantasy world. Smurfette is so '80s, whereas Ivanka Trump is so of the moment, you know? I mean, she could literally be appointed minister of propaganda any second now. (Gasps) Oh, come on, Chanel. Are you seriously going to kill me over a Halloween costume when we have an E.R. Full of Lin-manuel Mirandas and they're all tripping balls? This is all... Much ado about nothing. You are Ivanka. I am Ivana. You get to be the sexy young face of a psychopathic, ultra right-wing, authoritarian regime bent on destroying everything that's good about this country, and I... Am the old, hag mother, tossed aside for a fresh piece of ass, just like so much human garbage. Thank you.

Call me crazy, but I think Hillary’s America would be an authoritarian regime bent on destroying everything that’s good about this country. And we know Hillary has been tossed aside many times by her philandering husband.

I look forward to next week’s episode where Chelsea Clinton is played by a murderer and mocked by characters on the show… NOT.

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