'Undateable' Snarks on State of the Union, Trump, Oscar Nominations in American Citizenship Episode

“America is the best country in the world,” declares Danny (Chris D’Elia) at the opening of the episode "Danny's Boyz Walk Into a Bar" of the live NBC comedy Undateable. He is giving his own version of the State of the Union address, a timely reference to the actual address delivered by President Obama just a few days ago. He calls himself “Barack O’Biden” and promises a clothing-optional America with free jalapeno poppers for everyone. You know, just like the real president promises utter pie-in-the-sky nonsense paid for by the American taxpayer that Democrats all stand up and cheer for.

Danny: America is the best country in the world! [ Applause ] 
Justin: What the hell are you all doing? 
Danny: It's a game I created called State of the Union. Okay? I play Barack O'Biden and I stay stuff. If they like it, they stand up and they clap. If they don't like it they sit there and have total bitch face. From now on there will be free jalapeno poppers. [ Cheers and applause ] Okay. From now, clothing will be optional. [ Cheers and applause ] 
Justin: And on Tuesdays, I'm going to host Broadway karaoke here. [ Applause ] 
Danny: Oh, man that's a lot of bitch faces. You will never be a good president. 

The story goes downhill from here. Though several times the characters praise the goodness of America, the snark from the dialogue is thick. Hey, Hollywood liberals can’t let a love of America be too strongly stated, you know.

British Brett (David Flynn) is preparing to take his citizenship test and is counting on a sweater knitted for him by his “Nan” to bring him good luck. The sweater is in the design of the American flag. Suddenly, it is called a hate sweater. Gifts of sweaters from sweet old grandmas are labeled hateful.

Brett: Don't worry, along with my lucky sweater and Burski helping me, I'm fine. My Nan knitted me this sweater.
Leslie: Oh, your Nan must hate you.
Shelly:  My grandma knitted me a hate sweater once. Joke's on her, though, I had that bitch buried in it.

Brett loses the sweater after leaving it in a pizza place and it is taken by a random street dancer. He frets that now without his lucky sweater he will not become an American citizen: “Donald Trump is going to be President and throw me over his giant wall into Mexico.”

The snark continues. Brett passes the citizenship test and is asked by Danny what he will do first – get diabetes or buy a gun. Because Americans are fatties and cling to their guns, as President Obama once said. Now if only Obamacare could help find the cure for diabetes…

Shelly agrees that America is great even though no black actors received an Oscar nomination, as he looks directly at the camera. Ouch! Liberal Hollywood slams liberal Hollywood. 

Justin: Introducing my new American friend, Brett! 
Candace: Way to go, citizen! 
Danny: What are you going to do first? Get diabetes or buy a gun? 
Brett: I know! I'm so excited. Look, I know it sounds corny, but this is the best country. 
Shelly: I know it's a great country. Even though they don't nominate any black people for an Oscar. 

It could have been a funny show about the stress of someone wanting to become a citizen and taking the test, but the NBC writers lazily overloaded on the snark and mocking "the ugly American" stereotypes.

Still, Danny said it best: "America is the best country in the world!" Even if said in jest, it's still true. And that's a sweet sweater.

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