'Superstore' Tells Employees Under Pressure to 'Stay Obama Cool'

It’s okay to call President Obama cool again, according to NBC’s Superstore. Quite the change from 2012 when almost anything said about him was considered racist, including the word “cool.”

During Thursday’s episode, “Black Friday,” Glenn (Mark McKinney) is getting his Cloud 9 employees ready for the Black Friday rush and tells them to remain “Obama cool,” then adds a disclaimer for an anti-Obama employee to be “Bush cool,” referring to his reaction to the World Trade Center Attacks.

Glenn: Black Friday is the most important day of the year. And the key to getting through it is to stay calm. No matter what happens, I am gonna stay Obama cool. Okay, Chris, we all know how you feel about Obama. You can stay George W. Bush cool. Remember how calm he was on 9/11? Well, not that this is gonna be 9/11. This is gonna be better than 9/11. No, why do I keep saying 9/11? 

Garrett: What's 9/11? 

Glenn: You didn't hear? 

Bush was cool under immense pressure on 9/11. However, liberals in the media love to bash his calm demeanor as looking weak or just plan confused when he read “My Pet Goat” to school children upon hearing the news of the attack.

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