WATCH: Professor Attacks Pro-Life Display - Points Machete At Reporter's Throat

May 24th, 2023 8:06 AM

Pro-choice individuals often characterize pro-life groups as dangerous people that spread harmful messages. Many think that this gives them the right to physically harass anyone that they see attempting to discuss the protection of life in the womb.

We saw a pretty clear-cut example of this at Hunter College in New York City last week.

The pro-life organization “Students for Life of America” had a display table open on campus with pamphlets of literature discussing why babies in the womb are human beings that should not be aborted. Eventually, an adjunct professor named Shellyne Rodriguez approached the table and began swearing abusively at the students at the display and even swiped at the materials to ruin.

For extra context, Rodriguez has a website in which she brands herself as someone who creates "strategies of survival against erasure and subjugation" (translated: she’s a progressive bully). Clearly, assaulting pro-life students is part of her responsibilities.

"You're not educating s---, this is f---ing propaganda," Rodriguez furiously exclaims. "What are you going to do like anti-trans next?"

She then accused the male at the display and said that he had no authority to speak on the situation because he couldn’t get pregnant (the only intelligent and correct thing to come out of her mouth in this exchange). When that same student tried to deescalate the situation, Rodriguez responded by getting angrier. 

"This is bull----, this is violent," Rodriguez said. "You're triggering my students."

At that point, Rodriguez was fed up and scattered the literature on the table.

(Update: 5/24/23 11:23AM)

On Tuesday, a New York Post reporter questioning Rodriguez about the incident was threatened, as she allegedly put a machete to his throat (pictures available here). She chased the reporter and photographer down the street with the weapon.

If that’s really the case, they might want to make sure they don’t hire whack jobs like Rodriguez in the future.