Kansas Senate Passes Bill to Ban Transgenders From Women's Sports

March 14th, 2023 10:43 AM

Kansas is the latest state to pass legislation that would ban transgendered females from playing in women’s sports.

House Bill 2238 passed the Kansas State Senate 28-11 on Thursday, shortly after it passed the State House 82-40. HB 2238 is currently on Governor Laura Kelly’s (D) desk to be passed or vetoed.

Kelly has vetoed two similar bills in the past, stating that they are “harmful to students and families.” However, that does not mean the legislation is doomed to not pass. The Senate has enough votes to override a potential veto from Kelly, and while the House would need 84 votes to do the same, two Republicans were absent for the first round of voting who could swing the vote if need be.

Should HB 2238 pass, it would make Kansas the 19th state to pass legislation of this nature. Even if it does not, it is encouraging to see that many states are recognizing the dangers of the transgender ideology and are doing something about it.