Shocker: Dude Wins 1500m Track Race In Women's Category

February 28th, 2023 3:13 PM

No matter how hard progressives try to frame it as a good thing, letting transgender females (a.k.a., guys) compete against women always ends in disaster for biological women.

Tiffany Newell -- a biological male pretending to be a woman -- just won the 1500m track race at the Canadian Masters Indoor Championships in Toronto. Newell is 50 years old, and while he was only competing against one other runner, he still won by roughly 1 minute and 12 seconds.

However, this isn't the first time Newell has literally stolen a victory from biological women. Last year, he set a world record for 45-49-year-olds in the 5000m run with a time of 18:02:30. After that tournament, the Canadian Masters went so far as to ratify “the time as a record under the World Athletics policy for trans athletes.”

That’s right, a time run by a man is now the record for a women’s division.

Living a lie and breaking female athletic records in the process is nothing new to Newell, who transitioned in 2017. And if he has his way, he’ll keep doing it for years to come.

He has gone on record saying that he would not participate in an “open” category, where transgenders would compete against each other.

“The policy makes sense for non-binary athletes, but I don’t feel comfortable racing against men,” Newell said. “It categorizes me in the sex I am not identified as. I am a woman, and I feel most comfortable racing against women or other transgender women. I believe an open category can work if athletes can continue to race against athletes of the same gender.”

Appalling. You don’t feel comfortable racing against men? Is that because their presence reminds you of who you really are, despite your best efforts to suppress that truth?

What he’s really saying is that having his fake reality and feelings protected is more important than following the truth about human identity and common sense.

Men can not turn themselves into women, or vice versa. No matter how many surgeries one undergoes, the truth remains that you will always be the gender you were born. 

You can live out your desires, turn society on its head, and call anyone who opposes you a bigot, but the truth remains that you are living a lie and causing yourselves and others worlds of pain.