Florida Store Owners Shoot Burglars During Attempted Robbery At Magic Mall

October 17th, 2022 12:27 PM

Don’t let anyone tell you that we don’t need guns for self-protection.

On Friday, four thieves broke into the Magic Mall in Orlando, FL, in an attempted “smash and grab,” where they were greeted by an armed store owner who shot at them before authorities arrived.

Police who arrive at the scene found one of the assailants already deceased, while a second was later found dead from a gunshot wound in the car the other three used to flee the scene. 

Incidents like this are a perfect reminder for why guns in the proper hands can be used as effective instruments for personal good and self-protection. While police did eventually end up on the scene, the store would have suffered much worse losses had the owners been completely reliant on the police to intervene. Furthermore, one of the robbers was armed, which posed a bigger threat than just losing jewelry.

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"Normally we're good, but we have to take care of ourselves," one store owner said, one of the many that has a concealed carry license.

Another store owner used this incident as a warning to any hair-brained idiots thinking of robbing one of these stores in the future.

"There's a lot of concealed license carriers here. So if you come to the Magic Mall and you want to commit a crime, there's a really good chance you're gonna get shot," one said.