The Big Lead Blogger Asserts Bad QB Decisions by Packers, Texans Strengthen Kaepernick's Collusion Case

In his blog "The Mike McCarthy and Bill O'Brien Colin Kaepernick Depositions Should Be Amazing," The Big Lead's Stephen Douglas proves he is clueless about what constitutes collusion and he is an out and out cheerleader for Kaepernick.

Douglas asserts that merely because Green Bay and Houston either signed unheralded passers or stuck with the quarterbacks they already have on the team, that constitutes wrongdoing by the National Football League.

Kaepernick is the former San Francisco 49ers' quarterback who became a free agent after the 2016 season, when he began the disrespectful protests against the national anthem. Unable to attract a pro contract for the current season, he accused the NFL of collusion. Douglas and many in the media are throwing objectivity to the wind by blatantly cheering for him to get signed by an NFL team and for victory in his collusion case.

Continuing in the tradition of the legendary and clueless Don Quixote, Douglas tilts at windmills throughout his blog. "With each injury to a decent quarterback and bad quarterback signing Kaepernick’s case looks stronger." This is the first of his weak justifications for collusion. He takes issue with coaches Bill O'Brien of Houston and Mike McCarthy of Green Bay because they are reportedly going to be deposed during the grievance hearings. He posted a link to a story by Amy Dash of "Legal Easy" stating as much.

Douglas first takes a swing at O'Brien because he has "no clue what a good quarterback looks like." Before signing the inexperienced Josh Jackson, O'Brien said, “Colin Kaepernick’s a good football player, hasn’t played football in a while.” The imaginative Douglas sees this as building the case for collusion.

Then there's a swipe at McCarthy, who "has no such excuse" for not signing Kaepernick when star Aaron Rodgers went down with an injury. McCarthy has "seen first-hand what Colin Kaepernick is capable of as the Packers have been burned by Kaepernick on multiple occasions. Kaep is 3-1 against the Packers, including two blistering playoff performances that ended Green Bay seasons."

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As if it strengthens the charge of collusion by the NFL, Douglas lists the statistics Kaepernick compiled in his four games against the Packers, He insinuates that these statistics, which are superior to many of the reserve quarterbacks signed this season by NFL teams, have something to do with collusion.

Is this line of argument going anywhere? The NFL's attorney could easily swat down these hollow arguments as irrelevant.

But to Douglas, this is throwing long for a touchdown. "These depositions really need to be televised," he writes, assuming it will be high drama demanding prime time coverage. "Especially if they’re going to be asking Bill O’Brien about playoff results." Actually this would be like a two-man rush against Tom Brady -- totally ineffective.

"With each injury to a decent quarterback and bad quarterback signing Kaepernick’s case looks stronger," writes a hopeful Douglas. He adds that Houston and Green Bay are two high-profile examples making Kaepernick's case stronger. Is he actually looking at the same set of facts we are?

There is no known evidence that Houston and Green Bay, or any two teams in the NFL, plotted together to keep Kaepernick out of the league. It's just shoddy journalism and devoid of any knowledge of collusion law. It's blatant Kaepernick cheerleading by the writer.

There used to be an unwritten rule about no cheering allowed in the press box. When it comes to Kaepernick, though, spineless-as-sheep media follow along in line to do just that.

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