GQ Writer Rages against 'Trump-Controlled' ESPN for Feeding Hill to the Wolves

Gentlemen's Quarterly's Drew Magary demonstrated he can go toe-to-toe with his GQ rage mate Keith Olbermann when it comes to pumping out vile, frothing outrage. Magary cranked up the venom flow to the extreme max in his tirade on how ESPN fed anchor Jemele Hill to the wolves when it suspended her. He insinuates that the liberal sports network is following the wishes of President Trump and his supporters, whom Magary could not detest more.

Hill got off practically scot free last month when she called Trump and his backers "white supremacists," but a couple days ago she was suspended for two weeks after suggesting sponsors boycott the Dallas Cowboys for making their players stand for the national anthem.

Early on, Magary admitted that some of the Cowboys’ sponsors are also ESPN sponsors and "the average employee knows that you don’t go f------ with the gravy train." But then he turned on his hate afterburners and carpet bombed Trump and conservatives with one vulgar insult after another:

Hill, of course, was already forced to apologize earlier this fall when she called President Trump a white supremacist on Twitter. Never mind that such a label is wholly appropriate for Trump given his history of discrimination in real estate, his support for blatantly oppressive policies, and his fervent defense of, uh, Nazis. ... And never mind that the “outrage” over Hill’s tweets came from phony MAGA bots and disingenuous racists who perceive any justice for others as an injustice to them.

To Magary , those conservatives gave ESPN a cheap excuse to discipline Hill. That got the "puds who read Daily Caller off their backs," he fumed. "This is ESPN going, 'Sorry the mouthy lady was mad at all the racism.' And in the process, they offered up Hill—whose only crime was to be too accurate in speaking her mind—as a sacrifice to those same jackasses, including the president himself."

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Through his tortured keyboard, Magary likened the President to a guy "taking time out from wiping chicken grease off the remote to attack an individual on Twitter," setting into motion "an entire industrial complex of nihilists, trolls, racists, sexists, truther media outlets, bots, and s--tbags. When he mobilizes them, he does so specifically to direct their endless, unquenchable ire onto that person. Trump knows he can make their lives utter hell with a single tweet, and gleefully sets the wolves on them if they dare to displease him. A decent boss—s--t, a decent person—would support Hill and protect her from this horses--t. ESPN didn’t. They shoved her into the wolf cage and locked the gate shut."

ESPN and everyone else are very afraid of Trump "and his band of yokels," Magary imagined:

You can see it in ESPN’s actions. You can see it when the NFL quietly walks back their support for anthem demonstrators. You can see it in the August New York Times ceding column space to loons like Erick Erickson. You can see it in Facebook and Twitter’s tacit refusals to root out abuse. And you can DEFINITELY see it in the Republican legislators and cabinet members who whine about Trump’s glaring stupidity behind closed doors but will never publicly declare the obvious. Those sniveling toads are too afraid of losing the electoral support of Trump and his minions. And ESPN, already badly bleeding thanks to onerous rights fees and cord-cutting, is too scared of losing them as viewers, even if their threats to tune out are 100% hollow.

In the end, Magary reasons, that politicians and businesses are going for a short-term benefit of pleasing Trump in hopes that they won't die in a nuclear holocaust. "It's insane," writes the unhinged leftist. He says ESPN and America are figuratively keeping a tumor so they won't make it mad, instead of having it removed. And he asks if it's worth pleasing the "trolls and chuds" and allowing them to run roughshod over everything America stands for.

"I bet ESPN knows none of this is worth it," Magary surmised. "I bet they know that they were punishing Hill merely for stating the obvious. They know it all, and they capitulated anyway. They capitulated because John Skipper is already on thin ice, and because Bob Iger has limp presidential ambitions of his own, and because I live in a nightmare world where government officials and captains of industry heed only the voices of deranged a--holes and no one else."

It's only fitting that the web page carrying Magary's screed includes a video of his rage mate Olbermann screeching at the world.

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