WaPo, ESPN Laud NFL Players for Allowing Youth to Continue National Anthem Protest

Many in the Left-stream media count themselves as apologists for free agent quarterback/Black Lives Matter activist Colin Kaepernick. Among them are ESPN and The Washington Post, media which are also in full support of a children's football team that staged a copycat protest of the national anthem, though it caused internal division and ruined the team's season.

The Beaumont, Texas Bulls emulated Kaepernick's protest last September when they refused to stand for the national anthem. At first, the Bay Area Football League approved this disrespectful act. But then all heck broke loose.

In the week that followed, the children received what 11- and 12-year-olds should not be faced with: death threats and abuse from around the nation. For the next game, some players and coaches wanted to call off the protest and show proper respect for the flag, but head coach Rah Rah Barber insisted the kids continue to take a knee again. The Bulls suspended their coach and then the team divided. Some of the players began boycotting practices and games. With the team it total disarray, it had to cancel its season. The benefits of learning about teamwork and gaining valuable athletic experience came crashing to a halt.

This team has re-grouped as the Southeast Texas Oilers, under Coach Barber. NFL players who support Kaepernick's protest -- Malcolm Jenkins, Torrey Smith, Devin McCourty and Anquan Boldin -- donated $20,000 for the purchase of equipment. The team will not play the national anthem at its games this season.

ESPN's Tim McManus praised the NFL players for helping the youth team "start anew after anthem protest fallout." He quoted Jenkins: “We wanted to make sure that we sent those kids the message that it’s okay to stand up for what you believe in. We didn’t want them to walk away from the season feeling punished for trying to do the right thing. We wanted to make sure that was rewarded and acknowledged and encouraged, so that was our main motivation for helping.”

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April Parkerson, a parent, told The Washington Post's Des Bieler the pro football players “made it possible for my kids to play football.”

Torrey Smith, one of the NFL donors, told ESPN: “I believe it’s important for our youth to have a voice. To put a muzzle on them is a disservice to everyone. We must continue to educate them and empower them to be the leaders of tomorrow."

It all sounds so wonderful. But what lessons are the media and the parents teaching these children? It's okay to disrespect the flag that many Americans died to defend. By following people who are not good role models, you can selfishly deny teammates of athletic opportunity. It's okay for adults to rob the children of their innocence. If you're lucky enough to have rich professional athletes give you a bail-out, you don't have to be accountable for your actions. And mixing politics with youth sports is good, not destructive.

Hopefully the leaders of tomorrow will be Tebows and not Kaepernicks. The harmful, radical "education" and "empowerment" given approval by ESPN and the Washington Post is not what children need. Contrary to the platitudes offered by WaPo, these children are not being taught discernment, but to follow a coach who is subjecting them to things children should be protected from. This story isn't over, and sadly these children will continue to be robbed of their innocence. All in the name of Kaepernick.

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