ESPN’s Leadership Team of Far Left Ideologues Just Grew by One

June 18th, 2017 6:12 PM

Maybe it’s time ESPN just goes ahead and makes it official by registering as a political action committee. It should register under the title of LEFTSPIN and drop all pretention of honest reporting. The sports network is flagging in viewership while surging under the banner of left-ism. The latest evidence is the promotion of Connor Schell, a hardcore, Trump-hating Democrat, to the role of executive vice-president.

Schell will oversee television, print and online operations and will rank second in command at LEFTSPIN behind only John Skipper.

Schell joins the leadership team of Disney CEO Bob Iger, who has floated the idea of running for president and taking full advantage of the ESPN propaganda machine to do so. That should get the attention of the Federal Election Commission. Skipper is also recognized as a far Left ideologue.

On the night of the presidential election last fall, Schell nearly exhausted himself with angry tweets against Donald Trump. He was disgusted with Trump’s emergence as the victor and claimed that the president-elect oppresses minorities, women and gays. Schell must have missed the RNC convention speech by Peter Thiel, the billionaire friend of Trump's and launcher of PayPal who called the culture war “fake” and asked who cares who uses what bathroom.

Schell also blamed dumb people for the election of Donald Trump and retweeted the harsh criticisms of Trump by Greg Popovich, coach of the San Antonio Spurs.

Additionally, Schell generated tremendous controversy in 2015 by giving Bruce/Caitlin Jenner the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the annual ESPY Awards. Schell and Maura Mandt, the co-executive producers of that event, were roundly criticized for that. They told Sports Illustrated that Jenner showed “courage” for dealing with his gender issue instead of riding off into the sunset. That’s a spurious claim if ever there was one because it takes courage not to go along with the LGBT agenda. Agreeing with it is considered politically correct.