Sports Blogs Align to Promote Left-Wing Politics

June 1st, 2017 4:42 PM

In a few short months, we’ve gone from sports reporters increasingly expressing liberal bias on social and political issues to liberal sports media empire building. In fact, we are now witnessing the combining of several hard Left Internet sites into one large network.

This network unites Vox, SB Nation, The Verge, Recode, Medium and the latest edition – The Ringer. They are unequivocally aligned on the Left politically and ideologically.

It’s actually larger than it seems because SB Nation is locked into content-sharing partnerships with fellow liberal travelers Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports and USA Today.

With Recode, all you need to know is this headline: “How you can watch Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards live today.” The article did not mention any of the following: PP has been accused of refusing to report rapes of under-age girls to law enforcement in 10 states. Also, audits in more than 30 states showed evidence that PP is defrauding the government. And, of course, undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress demonstrated that PP illegally sold aborted baby body parts.

What about Vox? It’s extremely liberal and anti-Trump. One of its stories complains the problem with democracy is that it “relies on voters.” And “It virtually guarantees that at some point, you’ll end up with a grossly unfit leader. And that, of course, is what we now have.”

Media Bias Fact Check ranked The Verge as “left-center.”

A review of Medium shows some support for President Trump, but then there’s this from former Minnesota Vikings’ punter/radical activist Chris Kluwe: “F you Donald Trump.”

On Feb. 16, The Ringer’s editor at-large, Bryan Curtis, wrote the following:

Today, sportswriting is basically a liberal profession, practiced by liberals who enforce an unapologetically liberal code. As Frank Deford, who joined Sports Illustrated in the ’60s, told me, “You compare that era to this era, no question we are much more liberal than we ever were before.”

In the age of liberal sportswriting, the writers are now far more liberal than the readers. “Absolutely I think we’re to the left of most sports fans,” said Craig Calcaterra, who writes for HardballTalk. “It’s folly for any of us to think we’re speaking for the common fan.”

The only thing missing from this collective is ESPN. It appears destined to become the “MSNBC” of the sports web.