Big Media’s Last Hope against Texas Bathroom Bill: Sports Organizations’ Boycott Threats

Openly advocating for the transgender movement, media across the nation are hoping powerful sports organizations will use the threat of boycotts to defeat the bathroom bill now before the Texas Legislature. Texas lefties do not have the votes to stop the bill, so their only remaining hope is the Big Sports triumvirate of the NFL, NBA and NCAA threatening the state with the removal of major revenue-generating competitions.

This strategy worked previously in Arizona where a wobbly-kneed Republican governor vetoed a religious liberty bill, under pressure from Big Sports when the Super Bowl was headed for the desert. Next year Texas hosts the Final Four and the college football championship game. As of today.

A desperate Deadspin blog asked the NCAA to comment on the possibility of taking events away from Texas, but got no answer. Deadspin’s Nick Martin wrote “the governing body of college athletics will have to decide what action, if any, it will take with regards to the Lone Star state’s attempt to single out its trans citizens.” He also said Texas lawmakers are writing “the discrimination of transgender citizens into law” under the guise of protecting women and children.

That’s the standard left-stream media lie – that allowing men in women’s restrooms is not a threat to anybody. But a study by Veale in 2008 revealed that the ratio of men identifying as women to women identifying as men is 6:1. And Family Research Council President Tony Perkins quantified the ongoing threats to women and girls from men entering female restrooms here.

Reid Wilson, of The Hill, also joined in the call for the sports hammers to strike fear among lawmakers and business interests.

Business groups and sports leagues both voiced concern about the Senate’s version of the bill when it passed in March. The Texas Association of Business estimated the state could lose $8.5 billion in economic activity if the bill passed, though those numbers have been questioned by fact-checking organizations.

In addition to calling on the mega-sports corporations to wield their power, Big Media resorted to its usual charges of discrimination and LGBT talking points.

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Wilson also fronted for the Human Rights Campaign’s senior vice president JoDee Winterhof, who said, “Transgender youth deserve the same dignity and respect as their peers, and this craven attempt to use children as a pawn for cheap political points is disturbing and unconscionable.”

USAToday ran Will Weissert’s AP story joining the call for the hammer of the unholy trinity of the NCAA/NFL/NBA. And he also explained how State Rep. Senfronia Thompson (Dem-Houston) likened the bill to Jim Crow segregation:

 “Bathrooms divided us then and bathrooms divide us now. Separate but equal is not equal at all,” Thompson said, drawing floor applause.

Thompson was one of the House Democrats who went into the men’s restroom to protest the bill. Democrats will be Democrats.

CNN’s Jay Croft opened his story this way: “Texas lawmakers call it a push for conservative values. Critics call it discrimination. Opponents of the bills, who say they target vulnerable children, are outraged. One critic on Twitter called it ‘discrimination Sunday.’ Civil rights advocates denounced the measures as discriminatory.” This web story also ran a video promoting the Texas high school girl, Mack Beggs, a transgender-wannabe who was forced against her will to wrestle as a female and win the state championship. That’s practically child abuse.

Croft claims the bill targets – not protects – women and girls. His biased story also linked to a previous CNN story headlined: “Texas is proposing a bill that could keep transgender students out of high school sports.” That story complained that the state’s ban on steroid use is really meant to discriminate against transgender girls, like Beggs, who use it in hopes of becoming more masculine. Not to protect people from the harmful effects of steroids.

Amruta Aghnihotri, of The International Business Times, pulled out the Jim Crow card, too: “During the debate session, Democrats compared the proposal to a Jim Crow-era attack on powerless children while the Republicans argued it did not target any specific group.”

Stand by for further wailing on the Left. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is expected to sign the commonsense bill into law Friday.

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