CBS Sports Writer Smears Tebow as a 'Divider'; Swooned Over Kaepernick as Humanitarian

March 21st, 2017 7:05 PM

To CBS Sports blogger R.J. Anderson, Colin Kaepernick will do just fine if he never plays football again. On the other hand, when Tim Tebow resumes life as a professional athlete, he will do so as a "divider."

Anderson blogged about both of these athletes in transition today, but he praises Kaepernick as a humanitarian, without mentioning his attacks on the flag and America’s police officers:

"While Kaepernick waits for his next NFL opportunity, he is busy raising money to fly food and water to people in Somalia.

"Kaepernick will reportedly stand for the anthem next season. But if this is where Kap’s NFL career ends, he should be fine; since coming into the league in 2011 he’s earned more than $43 million."

As for the former football star who will play for the Mets' Class A baseball team in Columbia, S.C., Anderson joined with a rival of that team in mocking Tebow. Anderson wrote that Tebow divides everyone and "It didn’t take long for people to make jokes -- because Tebow can’t walk down the road without someone making a joke."

The jokester is Columbia's South Atlantic League rival, the Greenville Drive, Boston's Class A team. Anderson posted three Twitter messages issued by the Greenville team, all insulting to Tebow:

While Anderson saw fit to brag up Kaepernick for his humanitarian work, he refused to acknowledge the many good things happening through the Tim Tebow Foundation.

The Tebow CURE Hospital is an outreach that has provided physical and spiritual healing through orthopedic surgeries for 650 children in the Philippines who were unable to afford health care. The Night to Shine program serves the special needs community.

Additionally, Timmy’s Playrooms are being built in children’s hospitals around the world to provide charitable support for patients and their families. The Tebow Foundation's Orphan Care outreach serves hundreds of children in four countries who were left homeless or abandoned. They are receiving food, shelter, clothing, medical care and education expenses. The Foundation also assists families with adoption expenses and hospital visits.

Tebow receives no income from his foundation.

At least the Greenville Drive stopped its negative Tweets after some people objected. That's more than can be said for Anderson's bashing of a true role model and humanitarian.