The Perfect Woke Lefty: Flames ‘Racist’ Dad in Funeral Speech

November 16th, 2022 9:51 AM

A young self-proclaimed black supremacist Tik Toker with the username @saginthesunforever decided to use her white father’s funeral for views. Not only that, but she did it in the most disgusting way possible. 

In front of an audience, in a speech directed at her deceased father, she claimed, “What you are is a racist misogynistic xenophobic Trump-loving cisgender white man. That is all you will ever be to me.”

These terms get thrown around so much that it seems highly plausible he was not prejudiced. Also, loving Trump should not be considered a cardinal sin. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with being a cisgender white man. 

Classic leftist hypocrisy that she is the one being discriminatory, racist, and sexist.

She continued, “And dad, before you tell me to respect the dead, please remember that you disrespected and disregarded the lives and deaths of entire communities.” 

What a vague comment. Maybe her father said he did not like Black Lives Matter or something. 

Even if it was worse, she makes it clear that she is aware of the custom of not disrespecting the dead. But she does not care and is happy to do so for views. 

She finished by saying, “You are everything I aspire not to be and I refuse to stand up here and sing the praises of a man who is the paradigm of white supremacy … And I swear to God I will make this world a better place. Not at all because of you, but in exact opposition to you.” 

Of course, she thinks she is a good person while she tears down a man who can’t defend himself. So delusional.  

This Tik Tok – like many others – is a window into everything we should not be but are becoming.