Apple Cancels Kanye

October 27th, 2022 1:16 PM

It is October 2022, and people are seriously considering banning the music of an important and influential artist: Kanye “Ye” West. 

Apple Music tested the waters by removing his “essentials” playlist

If you click the link to the playlist, it does not load. It is just an endlessly spinning wheel. 

Apple has not made a statement explaining it yet. Perhaps the company is waiting to see the response. As of now, it has not been massive, just a few small pieces about it.

There should not even be a debate about whether banning his music is correct, but it is not surprising in today’s cancel culture. 

Variety asked the question point blank in a piece by Jem Aswad titled, "Should Kanye West’s music be banned?"

Thankfully, Aswad came to the following conclusion: “Great art is sometimes made by horrible people, and whether or not a person is morally comfortable consuming that art, and earning money for that horrible person, is up to them.”


Aswad makes an interesting point that it would be ideal to donate profits to the causes the artist hurt: "In a much more perfect world, rights-holders might donate their share of profits generated by West’s music — or his footwear and apparel — to anti-hate groups." 

It will be interesting to see what the "rights-holders" do in this situation. It would be awesome if they donated because it would likely mean substantial money for worthwhile causes. 

Also, after this is over, hopefully, Ye realizes the harm he caused and somehow attempts to amend it financially or otherwise. But it should be his choice. They should not compel him to do so through threats of banning.