Olbermann to Alito Over Death Threats: ‘Eat Sh*t’

October 26th, 2022 3:06 PM

Keith Olbermann is a peach – a caring, tolerant liberal. In response to The Washington Post’s piece headlined “Justice Alito says leak of abortion opinion made majority ‘targets for assassination,’” Olbermann, with his usual thoughtfulness, tweeted, “Eat shit, Alito.” 

If it were a right-wing personality saying this about a liberal Supreme Court justice, the media would go crazy. There would be accusations of inciting violence. But since it is Olbermann about Alito, he’s ignored and even praised. 

It is not as if Alito is engaging in hyperbole. According to The Washington Post, “He noted that a man has been charged in an alleged attempt to kill Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, who was in the majority to overturn Roe. The California man, arrested near the justice’s home before the final opinion was released, was upset by the leaked draft, authorities said.” 

The left does not care. Violence and threats of violence are leverage for them to get what they want.

If the left had any respect for our institutions, they would strongly condemn all threats to the lives of Supreme Court justices, realizing that is a line they cannot cross.