Jezebel Mocks ‘Pathetically Desperate’ Men’s Anti-Abortion March

October 18th, 2022 3:44 PM

Jezebel’s Kylie Cheung really, really doesn’t like men. More specifically, she doesn’t like what she calls “cis hetero white men,” especially when they have the effrontery to voice opinions different from her unhinged feminism. Worst of all is when they do things lefties usually do, like have marches and protests. Seriously, don’t get her started on last weekend’s anti-abortion Men’s March’ in Boston. 

Cheung argues it is inextricably linked to Straight Pride Parades and claims that “both absurd demonstrations are premised around the imagined oppression of straight men owing to the rights of women and marginalized people.”

She continues: “The Men’s March continues the tradition of Straight Pride and decades of male tears shed over women being allowed to sexually reject men, and LGBTQ fictional characters in books and TV shows.” 

There was a straight pride march outside a California Planned Parenthood clinic in August, but it doesn’t seem like the events are related in any way – except maybe that they are both men’s events about issues liberals do not want them to talk about. 

Next, she calls the demonstrations “pathetically desperate” and hysterically asks, “at this point—what more could these men possibly take from us? What more could they possibly have to cry about?” 

Abortion is so all-encompassing to leftists that they tend to forget about every other women’s issue. 

Cheung’s hysteria continues, envisioning a nightmare scenario of “people to be jailed for miscarriage, IVF to be banned, and pregnant women charged with kidnapping if they cross state lines without their partner’s consent. When men protest for fetal personhood, they are, by proxy, protesting for the end of women and pregnant people’s personhood.”

Where does this propaganda come from? It cannot be healthy for people to believe in such a dystopian future and whoever is brainwashing them to do so should be ashamed of themselves. 

Cheung cannot help herself, but end the piece by demonizing and insulting these men one final time: “They’re as obsessed with oppressing and gaslighting us as they are making an embarrassing little spectacle of it all.” 

The left is either incapable of or unwilling to comprehend that many men believe abortion is murder. Instead, they attribute an evil obsession with oppressing women. Truly sick and unproductive.