After House Win, Celebs Urge Dems To Embrace Radical Left

November 7th, 2018 1:09 PM

Last night Democrats got what most pundits and polls predicted they would get -- control of the House, no cigar in the Senate. So what are blue representatives planning to do for their constituencies who voted them ever so diligently into office?

To figure that out, it’s instructive to look to the left’s newest thought leaders -- the men and women who crisscrossed the country stumping for Democratic candidates, poured out their progressive hearts and souls into their handiwork, and never missed an opportunity to issue anti-Trump talking points on TV -- the Hollywood left.

And boy, were they thinking up a storm last night. Sprinkled between ecstatic and narcissistic celebrations of victory last night were various celebrity endorsements of extreme leftist policies and tactics. Despite probably having their party carried by them, glitterati now deem moderate voters a waste of time for the Democrats and believe that the “blue wave” will only be sustained through #Resist and #Revolution.

Better Off Dead star John Cusack was the most vocal in this regard, touting policies like “living wage” as “the people’s platform” and expressing that Dems “can’t win from center.”

Jeffrey Wright of Westworld proclaimed that “non-lunatics are the clear majority in this country” and floated an idea for a “constitutional allotment of Senators,” whatever that means:



And virtue signal queen Alyssa Milano lauded the fact that voters in West Virginia and Oregon had allowed state Medicaid to continue to pay for abortions:


Capping it off was Star Trek expatriate George Takei, who announced that all these notions were the result of “consideration and nuance”:


Good one, Hollywood.