Newsweek Speculates Connection Between Ron DeSantis And Bombs

According to the left, if you deign to criticize the media, you sow division by attacking free speech. And if you believe that Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified emails on a private server was an irresponsible threat to security and a transparency blunder, now you’ve slipped into the role of conspiracy theorist.

Not so if you are Newsweek’s Ramsey Touchberry on Oct. 24. Then, feel free to drop not-so-subtle hints that a Florida gubernatorial candidate might have had a hand in mailing explosives to Clinton. Or maybe he didn’t, but he used a common metaphor at the wrong time. Either way, you’ve linked a conservative to violence through -- you guessed it -- emails.

Ron DeSantis, a Republican who is facing off against Democrat Andrew Gillum for The Sunshine State’s governorship, found the two-time presidential candidate’s decision to campaign for his opponent on Oct. 23 tired and trivial. He sent an email to his supporters expressing that he wanted “Hillary Clinton’s visit to be a kiss of death” for Gillum’s political hopes. Then yesterday, multiple packages with contents resembling explosives arrived near the doorsteps of Clinton, Obama, and other notable Democrats.

Of course, as Touchberry admitted, “There have been no allegations that the DeSantis email and the suspicious packages are in any way connected.” That is, until Touchberry alleged it just now. Not yet satisfied, he digs deeper: “The language used coincides with concerns...that certain rhetoric and conspiracy theories levied by the president and other conservatives had the potential to promote violence.”

Right, and Sarah Palin’s “target” map got Gabby Giffords shot, according to an old gem of The New York Times’ editorial board. This is lazy, dishonest innuendo -- a cheap political shot from a a cheap, political hack.


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