Amy Schumer: Vote Democrat, And By The Way, I’m Pregnant

Rumor has it Amy Schumer is a comedic actress, but there’s very little evidence of it. Mostly she seems to care about politics and whining about being a woman (which essentially is her politics). In fact, she cares about politics so much she found a way to politicize the birth of her first child.

Yep. Carly Ledbetter of Huffington Post reported on Oct. 22 that the Trainwreck star recruited one of her media establishment girlfriends to help break the news. Visitors to the Instagram page of Jessica Yellin - a former CNN chief White House correspondent whom Schumer has sometimes joined political causes with - were greeted with an Insta story where Yellin was presenting Schumer’s recommendations to “flip the house” in the 2018 midterms. Yellin offered:

“So I’m not in the business of making voting recommendations, but these are the recommendations of Amy Schumer...Now read all the way to the bottom, you’ll see there’s some news down there. Congratulations, Amy.”

Upon scrolling, one finds “I’m pregnant - Amy Schumer” buried under a stack of Democrats paired with the states where they will run. That’s the trick - in order to discover the happy news, you must first read Schumer’s political missive.

So, a glad announcement with an angle most could have done without - alright. But, HuffPost’s Ledbetter yanks readers back in, going out of her way to rehash the bawdy elements of Schumer’s wedding to Fischer. Ledbetter writes that Schumer joked about how exotic the couple’s vows were to her comedian friend Nikki Glaser: “In my vows I go, ‘But I promise I’ll keep going down on you, even though everyone tells me I won’t.’” Lovely. Remember that this is the person who claimed being a woman “sucked” because females are “sexualized all the time.”

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